Television May 21, 2022

Our Flag Means Death

The genre-busting pirate romance Our Flag Means Death is straight up hilarious – and artistically and emotionally gorgeous.

Theatre May 21, 2022

City of Gold

At its heart, Meyne Wyatt’s City of Gold is about a family denied the right to grieve.

Theatre May 21, 2022

Playwright, actor and director Elena Carapetis

Playwright, actor and director Elena Carapetis’s latest project brings teenage bad-ass Antigone to the present day.

The Influence May 21, 2022

Morgan Rose

For playwright Morgan Rose, Hofesh Shechter’s dancework Sun opens up the mess and contradictions of being human.

Fiction May 21, 2022


Brown shapes move across the screen, leaving dark streaks in the mud behind them. Salt glitters, and some darker crystal. The bodies move purposefully, now and then a flash of teeth that must be laughter. Happy workers, covered in the earth they think …

Visual Art May 21, 2022

Confined 13

Confined 13 demonstrates that the carceral state can’t crush the creative energy of Indigenous artists.

Film May 14, 2022

After Yang

Kogonada’s science fiction film After Yang is acutely intelligent but ends up infantilising its characters.

Design May 14, 2022

Artist and curator David Sequeira

Since haunting galleries as a teenager, David Sequeira’s art has been driven by awe of human expressiveness.

Visual Art May 14, 2022


Helmut Newton pioneered the photography of fetishistic glamour, but he never disguised the artifice of seduction.

Fiction May 14, 2022

Completing the 1080 project

I have recently taken it upon myself to work my way through the internet in search of my ancestry. I call it my 1080 Project. As a wise old tech-savvy male elder of the family Rattus rattus, and with no chance of a pleasant natural death, I’m …

The Influence May 14, 2022

Gary Abrahams

For director and playwright Gary Abrahams, the physical expressiveness of Pina Bausch’s dance theatre work Café Müller is a revelation.

Dance May 14, 2022

Buried Tea Bowl – Okuni 2022

Yumi Umiumare’s Buried Tea Bowl – Okuni 2022 gives the traditional Japanese tea ceremony a 21st-century feminist spin.


Books May 21, 2022

Janine Mikosza

Two women meet in a cafe. One asks permission to write the other’s life “while she lives it”. The writer is a compassionate and observant interlocutor. Her subject, Jin, is wary and evasive. Their conversation examines words survivors of violence …

Books May 21, 2022

Antigone Kefala
Late Journals

Antigone Kefala, 86, is both a poet and prose writer. She was born in Romania and relocated to Australia in 1959 after living in Greece and New Zealand. Late Journals is the final in a trilogy that began with Summer Visit (2003), followed …

Books May 21, 2022

Claire Keegan
Small Things Like These

Great literature is properly immune to spoilers, having at its core an ambiguity of truth sourced directly from the complex and often contradictory essences of life itself. It isn’t enough that something dramatic, or even beautiful, happens in a story: …