Film August 6, 2022

Director Goran Stolevski

Director Goran Stolevski, whose film Of an Age opened the Melbourne International Film Festival, is having a dream year.

Film August 6, 2022

Jordan Peele’s Nope

Jordan Peele’s latest film, Nope, harks back to Spielbergian spectacle as it explores the exploitation of pain.

Visual Art August 6, 2022

Where Lakes Once Had Water and Rhythms of the Earth

Where Lakes Once Had Water and Rhythms of the Earth illustrate the tensions between Indigenous and colonial ways of knowing.

Dance August 6, 2022

Victory Over the Moon

Nana Biluš Abaffy’s Victory Over the Moon is a capricious but promising work that explores the paradoxes of conflict.

Fiction August 6, 2022

The crab

I came across a crab while surfing an empty beach break one afternoon. It was a real big one. “Howdy, partner,” he said as I waited for a wave. “G’day,” I said, in my friendliest voice. I didn’t want any trouble. “How’s it going?” …

The Influence August 6, 2022

Gordon Hookey

Gordon Hookey’s epic series MURRILAND! was inspired by Congolese artist Tshibumba Kanda-Matulu’s rewriting of colonial history.

Books July 30, 2022

Gregory Day
Words are Eagles: Selected Writings on the Nature and Language of Place

Award-winning novelist and essayist Gregory Day has written widely on subjects as varied as the powerful owl and Australian poetry. Many of his nonfiction essays have appeared in notable literary publications over the years, each demonstrating Day’s …

Books July 30, 2022

Amanda Svensson (translated by Nichola Smalley)
A System So Magnificent It Is Blinding

The peculiar thing about grief is that the world continues. Or, as Amanda Svensson writes, “Nothing ever ends, but everything ends.” Svensson’s newest novel, A System So Magnificent It Is Blinding, considers how different textures of loss …

The Influence July 30, 2022

Robert Drewe

For Robert Drewe, Saul Bellow’s novel Herzog opened up the richness of interiority.

Film July 30, 2022

Actor Charlotte Rampling

Charlotte Rampling has made a career from channelling her powerful sex appeal into confronting and risky roles.

Festival July 30, 2022

Illuminate Adelaide

In its second year, Illuminate Adelaide is putting the art into spectacle.

Music July 30, 2022

Surrender by Maggie Rogers

Maggie Rogers’ new album Surrender explores the spiritual seduction of giving in.


Books August 6, 2022

Oliver Mol
Train Lord

“The way of the train is also the way of the boarding school, the convent, the prison and the psychiatric hospital,” Jenny Diski wrote in her 2002 travel memoir Stranger on a Train, in which she interweaves the story of a trip around the …

Books August 6, 2022

Katrina Marson
Legitimate Sexpectations: The Power of Sex-ed

Almost one in five Australian women – and one in 20 Australian men – will experience sexual violence after the age of 15. These bleak statistics open Katrina Marson’s Legitimate Sexpectations, a measured yet impassioned call for comprehensive …

Books August 6, 2022

Lynne Tillman
Mothercare: On Obligation, Love, Death, and Ambivalence

Early in Mothercare, a hospital room offers a good analogy for the incompetence of the American healthcare system. Lynne Tillman’s mother has had a seizure and is rushed to hospital in an ambulance. Once she gets there, she’s barely lucid, …