Theatre October 23, 2021

The Last Great Hunt’s Bite the Hand

The latest crowd-pleaser from Perth ensemble The Last Great Hunt bursts with ideas but struggles to bring them into focus.

Television October 23, 2021

Our African Roots

The documentary Our African Roots uncovers the lost histories of Africans who came to colonial Australia.

Culture October 23, 2021

Novelist and Björk collaborator Sjón

Behind Sjón’s multifaceted work – novels, poems, screenplays and some of Björk’s greatest hits – is a profound belief in the power of poetic imagination.

Visual Art October 23, 2021

Ballarat International Foto Biennale

Portraits are a constant in this year’s Ballarat International Foto Biennale, which rewards repeated viewings.

The Influence October 23, 2021

Jo Lloyd

For choreographer Jo Lloyd, the discomfort of Leos Carax’s film Holy Motors is part of its uneasy brilliance.

Fiction October 23, 2021

The quickest way home

Patrick Hagan sits watching an old woman, someone’s gran or nan, loading a boy into a car. BMW i3, as per his salary package, long gone. He studies her dents and guesses she can’t drive, but what’s that matter, she has a BMW and he has a Mazda. …

Books October 16, 2021

Michelle de Kretser
Scary Monsters

The first thing to know about Scary Monsters is that it consists of two novellas bound top to tail within a single paperback. It’s a design decision that reinforces the world-turned-upside-down nature of the stories contained: one a narrative …

Books October 16, 2021

Bronwyn Adcock

In 2005, the CSIRO predicted that climate change would lead to catastrophic fires in south-eastern Australia by 2020. But rather than treating the climate crisis as “a question of science and how we prepare”, as journalist Bronwyn Adcock writes in …

Books October 16, 2021

Valentin Gendrot

In 2020, the murder of George Floyd by policeman Derek Chauvin in Minneapolis sparked a long overdue global reckoning with police violence and accountability. More than a year later, this debate is increasingly relevant. A recent study by the University …

The Influence October 16, 2021

Judy Watson

Judy Watson has been enchanted for almost two decades by the lightness and ephemerality of Pat Steir’s Waterfall Mirage.

Music October 16, 2021

Lala Lala’s I Want the Door to Open and Hand Habits’ Fun House

Stunning new albums from Lala Lala and Hand Habits disprove the adage that dealing with your inner demons is detrimental to art.

Theatre October 16, 2021

Melbourne and Sydney Fringe Festivals go online

This year’s Melbourne and Sydney Fringe Festivals put together lively online programs that prove theatre can successfully translate to screen.


Books October 23, 2021

Hannah Kent

The Bible verse 4:18 from Paul’s Second Epistle to the Corinthians has many translations, but one phrase remains constant: “… for the things which are seen are temporary; but the things which are not seen are eternal”. These words reassure the …

Books October 23, 2021

Anthony Sharwood
The Brumby Wars

The image of wild horses running free is exhilarating. It speaks to independence, to poetry, to an Australia invoked by the words of Banjo Paterson. But when the wild horses have run, what is left in their wake? The Brumby Wars: The battle for the …

Books October 23, 2021

Eugene Lim
Search History

American writer and “librarian by day” Eugene Lim’s fourth novel, Search History, opens: “The thing about the infinite library is that step one is to know the book you want and step two is figuring out how to get to its location.” Lim’s …