Film January 15, 2022

House of Gucci

Ridley Scott’s House of Gucci disappoints, but the cast’s committed performances still make it worth watching.

Theatre January 15, 2022

2022 Sydney Festival

The Sydney Festival opens with work that pushes against structures of promise and oppression.

Visual Art January 15, 2022

Artist Yasmin Smith

Artist Yasmin Smith uses ash glazes to reveal the history of soil through the trees that have grown in it.

Fiction January 15, 2022

The lost lives of Sisyphus

I Older now than the gods who had died long ago, Sisyphus rarely left his head. One day he imagined himself as Tantalus, standing in a lake with water up to his chin; another Zeus, the infinity on the edge of things. But most of the …

Fiction January 8, 2022

12 Subsidised Medicare Sessions

Session one “This sort of thing really isn’t for me. Oh, I do respect what you do, mind. I had a Great Uncle Albert, the head of the family, really, and one ordinary Tuesday he woke up convinced he was Martin Luther. Kept offering …

Music January 8, 2022

How student radio offers an alternative to the familiar

Listening to student radio reconnects audiences with the power of niche obsessions.

Film January 8, 2022

The Matrix Resurrections

The fourth instalment in The Matrix franchise is a joyless, pompous, unimaginative exercise in greed.

Film January 8, 2022

Actor Rita Moreno

Sixty years after winning an Oscar for her role in West Side Story, Rita Moreno appears in Steven Spielberg’s version, which has a new sense of what it means to ‘get it right’.

Fiction December 18, 2021


It’s a hot summer day and Caro’s in the garden with her five-year-old. There are bees at work on the carpet of capeweed across the lawn, and she’s raising her head and taking a breath to tell her daughter to go put on her shoes so she doesn’t …

Film December 18, 2021

The sad age of home cinema

Through the second year of the pandemic, watching big films on the small screen became ever lonelier.

The Influence December 18, 2021

David Hallberg

The Australian Ballet’s artistic director, David Hallberg, says French choreographer Jérôme Bel opened his eyes – and broke his heart.

Music December 18, 2021

The new funding model bringing life back to music

As one of the simplest Covid-era music funding models, Flash Forward has produced some of the year’s best work.


Books December 18, 2021

Leah Jing McIntosh
Small-press gems

Small press is often overlooked in this country. It seems an odd oversight, particularly in a place so enamoured with the Western literary canon; I am thinking here of Hogarth Press, founded in 1917 by Virginia and Leonard Woolf, publishing works by writers …

Books December 18, 2021

Geordie Williamson
Books of ambition

An author who wrote his first novel at 17, Damon Galgut has spent decades trembling on the edge of greatness. Anyone who has read his scarifying The Good Doctor from 2003 or his 2010 Booker-shortlisted autofiction In a …

Books December 11, 2021

Jeff Sparrow
Crimes Against Nature: Capitalism and Global Heating

The Morrison government’s new-found enthusiasm for electric vehicles will plunder the land for lithium, copper and nickel like never before – and destroy any incentive to invest in public transport. But in Crimes Against Nature, Jeff Sparrow …