books July 20, 2019

From Here On, Monsters

Elizabeth Bryer’s From Here On, Monsters is a genuinely exciting debut from an Australian writer. This novel is playful, allegorical and formally ambitious, qualities that lend it a distinctly international flavour, in the way of Peter Carey’s early...

books July 20, 2019

Disappearing Earth

Things go missing in Disappearing Earth . Children. Friends. Lovers. Dogs. Love. Life as it once was and as it seemed it always would be. We learn early on that 11-year-old Alyona, a natural storyteller, “liked, every so often, to bring her [younger...

books July 20, 2019

Three Women

Going the way of all things, New Journalism is the Old Journalism. What originator Tom Wolfe deemed “glorious chaos” in 1972 – seismic journalistic techniques of authorial intervention or literary scene-building – has long been subsumed into the...

books July 20, 2019

Novelist and playwright Peter Polites

In his second novel, The Pillars, Peter Polites uses Australia’s fixation on home ownership to explore the intersection of race, class and sexuality – as well as a growing conservatism within the queer community. “If you look at the generic images coming out of the queer community, there is a very specific aesthetic going on that’s obviously tied to race and class … You can be a total slut monster but still operate within a hegemonic discursive framework. There’s nothing radical about reinforcing dominant discourse. To me, that’s the opposite of sexual liberation.”

books July 13, 2019

Nganajungu Yagu

In this collection, which stands as an ode to the matriarchy and reinvigorates the art of letter-writing, poet Charmaine Papertalk Green imprints her multilingualism into the Australian consciousness through a trail of correspondence between herself...

books June 15, 2019

Intimate Antipathies

Luke Carman, you ask? I imagine him up there on his mountain at the end of the line where it’s always the proverbial dark and stormy night, languishing in a monkish cell, tap, tap, tapping away at a block of old acrimony as he dreams up his revenges...

books June 15, 2019

Faber & Faber: The Untold Story

Faber & Faber always looked like the class act of British publishing. You could tell their paperbacks were just hardbacks slumming it – they even had the same superior paper and on top of that there was the myth of T. S. Eliot as the far-seeing...

books June 15, 2019

Author Meg Wolitzer

Talking The Wife, The Female Persuasion and the female gaze with novelist Meg Wolitzer.

books June 8, 2019

Everything in Its Place

It’s not hard to see why Oliver Sacks captivated the world. The great neurologist – whose case histories in The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat could almost have been science fiction had they not been so crystalline and so compassionate – was a...

books June 8, 2019

Little Boy

Little Boy is ostensibly a fictional memoir whose broad details follow the life of its author, the poet and publisher Lawrence Ferlinghetti. Born in 1919, Ferlinghetti co-founded San Francisco bookstore City Lights, which also published many...

books June 8, 2019

The Subjects

Why are dystopias more popular than utopias? The growing genre of cli-fi, for instance, is almost universally pessimistic, and the TV phenomenon of The Handmaid’s Tale will continue to air its nightmares in a third series. And why, even when we...