Jane Turner helps lift MTC's Jumpy off the ground

Peter Craven
Led by Jane Turner, the women in Jumpy make a mockery of those who turn their noses up at simply being entertained.

Would I Lie to You?'s David Mitchell reveals the truth

Susan Chenery
For British funnyman David Mitchell, falling in love with the perfect woman was easy. It was the years of waiting for her that were hell.

Tim Minchin turns his talents to stage musical Matilda

Steve Dow

From playing a libertine rocker in Californication to writing music and lyrics for Matilda, Tim Minchin is a man of many talents.

Totally wicked Lucy Durack

Romy Ash

Nobody does blonde and ditzy better than Wicked star Lucy Durack. But now this winning witch is also turning her creative powers to writing.

How comedian Greg Fleet survived heroin addiction

Kate Holden