dance May 14, 2022

Buried Tea Bowl – Okuni 2022

Yumi Umiumare’s Buried Tea Bowl – Okuni 2022 gives the traditional Japanese tea ceremony a 21st-century feminist spin.

dance March 26, 2022

Flux Job

Lucy Guerin Inc’s Flux Job is an existential evocation of lockdown, played out on the field of dance.

dance March 19, 2022

Sky Blue Mythic

Angela Goh’s dance work Sky Blue Mythic challenges us to shake off anthropocentric ways of being.

dance February 12, 2022

Yung Lung

Chunky Move’s new dance work, Yung Lung, drops into the ecstatic emptiness at the end of the future.

dance November 20, 2021

2022 Sydney Festival director Olivia Ansell

Sydney Festival’s new director, Olivia Ansell, wants to remind the city of its unruly histories.

dance August 14, 2021

Performance artist Emma Maye Gibson

The latest Betty Grumble show by performance artist Emma Maye Gibson is based on her traumatic experience seeking justice for intimate partner violence.

dance July 17, 2021

Anna Karenina

Yuri Possokhov’s Anna Karenina is a truly 21st-century ballet, moving between hope and despair.

dance May 22, 2021


A new touring work by the Sydney Dance Company, Impermanence, is a surge of energy and precision, urgent and unrelenting.

dance March 27, 2021

Performance artist Rakini Devi

Performance artist Rakini Devi’s first solo exhibition brings her classical dance training to a multilayered investigation of how women are erased by misogyny and violence.

dance February 13, 2021

Choreographer Garry Stewart

Choreographer Garry Stewart’s new work Supernature opens at the Adelaide Festival next month, marking his final year as artistic director of Australian Dance Theatre.

in progress January 23, 2021

Antony Hamilton

Running a dance company under lockdown presents unique challenges, but that hasn’t stopped Chunky Move’s Antony Hamilton.