fiction May 30, 2020

The goddess garden

for Doris Lessing I have been walking on the weekends to visit the goddess garden. Sometimes I wish that all life expected of me was one walk each day, to admire the things that grow without our encouragement. I wish that once my walk was over, I...

fiction May 23, 2020

I will not be taking questions

Is this their final offer? Was that the best you could get? You’ve had it all thoroughly looked over as I asked? There’s not going to be another round of discussions? Isn’t there some factor that we haven’t yet considered? Could we maybe have a bit...

fiction May 16, 2020

The river mouth

It was believed a whale had gone mad at the mouth of the river. Several fishing boats had been destroyed in acts of violence so extraordinary they were deemed inhuman. Each attack had come at dusk, while the boats were passing the heads on their way...

fiction May 9, 2020


A waiting room. It’s mid-afternoon, a Monday, and the chairs are hard blue plastic. Mostly young women today, red-eyed babies on their knees, all busy rustling through their handbags for plastic containers of sultanas or carrot sticks. The babies...

fiction May 2, 2020

The self-portraitist

The sun had barely rotated out of bed by the time the bakers had begun rolling croissants, the baristas singing out orders, and the second-hand bookstore owners prudently applying dust to their first editions. It was just another morning in a suburb...

fiction April 25, 2020

The blood bank: a love story

The city streets were empty except for a few homeless, an empty tram gliding by like a ghost ship and a busker working in the mall. He wailed a suitably sorrowful Hank Williams standard. I was on my way to the blood bank. Earlier that morning the...

fiction December 21, 2019


A new short story from the award-winning author of Ghost River, Common People and The White Girl.

fiction December 22, 2018

Louisiana heron

A new short story from an award-winning author.

fiction December 23, 2017

The Licorice Straps

A new short story from an award-winning author of The Street Sweeper.

fiction December 24, 2016

Sis better

A new short story from award-winning Indigenous author Ellen van Neerven.

fiction December 19, 2015

Dead-end jobs

New short fiction from South Australian-born award-winning author DBC Pierre.