film August 13, 2022

Melbourne International Film Festival 2022

MIFF boasts some treasures in the depths of its 2022 program.

film August 6, 2022

Director Goran Stolevski

Director Goran Stolevski, whose film Of an Age opened the Melbourne International Film Festival, is having a dream year.

film August 6, 2022

Jordan Peele’s Nope

Jordan Peele’s latest film, Nope, harks back to Spielbergian spectacle as it explores the exploitation of pain.

film July 30, 2022

Actor Charlotte Rampling

Charlotte Rampling has made a career from channelling her powerful sex appeal into confronting and risky roles.

film July 2, 2022


Benediction, Terence Davies’ film about the war poet Siegfried Sassoon, is a fascinating failure.

film June 18, 2022

Director Baz Luhrmann

The film director has never aimed small – and few figures are bigger than Elvis Presley.

film June 11, 2022

Sydney Film Festival director Nashen Moodley

Nashen Moodley’s approach to his work may best be described as the unabashed love of a true cinephile tempered with a deep sense of directorial duty.

film June 11, 2022


Alex Garland’s new film, Men, is superlative horror but its premise doesn’t bear much interrogation.

film May 28, 2022

Cannes Film Festival 2022

Amid the Hollywood glamour, the 75th Cannes Film Festival features its best selection of cinema for years.

film May 14, 2022

After Yang

Kogonada’s science fiction film After Yang is acutely intelligent but ends up infantilising its characters.

film May 7, 2022

Filmmaker Céline Sciamma

Screenwriter and director Céline Sciamma melds the everyday and the miraculous in her latest feature, Petite Maman.