film July 31, 2021

Filmmaker Frederick Wiseman

The work of legendary filmmaker Frederick Wiseman draws its major inspiration from literature.

film July 17, 2021

Director Edson Oda

Brazilian–Japanese director Edson Oda left a flourishing career in advertising to tell his own stories. Now his surreal debut, Nine Days, is generating excitement.

film July 10, 2021

Careless Crime

Shahram Mokri’s new film Careless Crime plays with surreal narratives and timeshifts to create a powerful meditation on Iranian history.

film June 19, 2021

Martin Eden

Pietro Marcello’s intelligent film adaptation of Jack London’s classic novel Martin Eden investigates the impossible dilemmas faced by a working-class artist.

film April 24, 2021


Nominated for six awards at next week’s Oscars, Lee Isaac Chung’s film Minari is a deeply moving meditation on the American Dream seen through the eyes of Korean immigrants.

film April 10, 2021


Although Harry Macqueen’s Supernova is formally unadventurous, this film about a couple dealing with the onset of dementia features transcendent performances.

film March 6, 2021

Another Round

Thomas Vinterberg’s remarkable new film Another Round harks back to his earlier work in Dogme 95.

film February 27, 2021


Chloé Zhao’s majestic film Nomadland is an epic and gentle lament for a vanishing America.

film February 6, 2021

Occupation: Rainfall

Alien invasion sci-fi has a strong Australian connection. So it’s a shame that Occupation: Rainfall – a local indie blockbuster that does a lot on a tight budget – is let down by poor screenwriting.

film January 30, 2021

Promising Young Woman

Emerald Fennell’s film Promising Young Woman begins well, but is ultimately betrayed by a lack of courage.

film January 23, 2021

Stephen Maxwell Johnson and Witiyana Marika

Director Stephen Maxwell Johnson and musician Witiyana Marika drew on three decades of friendship to create the Northern Territory action thriller High Ground.