Visual Art December 2, 2023

Nadine Christensen: Around at Buxton Contemporary

Nadine Christensen’s first retrospective exhibition surveys 25 years of a diverse practice.

Film December 2, 2023

Ridley Scott’s Napoleon

Ridley Scott’s epic Napoleon isn’t as bad as his worst films, nor is it as good as his best.

Games December 2, 2023

I Was a Teenage Exocolonist

Northway Games’ I Was a Teenage Exocolonist is a sci-fi visual novel without peer, which powerfully evokes the emotions of adolescence.

The Influence December 2, 2023

Imara Savage on the artworks of Ana Mendieta

Director Imara Savage finds herself constantly drawn to the ‘body–earth’ artworks of Cuban–American artist Ana Mendieta.

Visual Art December 2, 2023

Artist and sculptor Diana Al-Hadid

Diana Al-Hadid’s work – on show for NGV Triennial 2023 – layers history and memory in works of paradoxical delicacy.

Fiction December 2, 2023

Right, darling?

Pour the contents of any cleaning product down the sink and you’ll realise it’s all the same. Hardwood floor and surface cleaner. Streak-free glass and window wipe. Lemon-scented multipurpose spray. They’re all just clear liquid that a round table …

Fiction November 25, 2023


A plush rabbit I got for the children moves by itself. I bought it for my eldest on his fourth birthday. It wasn’t his favourite toy but he didn’t hate it. He cuddled it for a few days and then it was put into a storage bucket under his bed. After …

Books November 25, 2023

Richard Flanagan
Question 7

Who could be grateful for the bombing of Hiroshima at 8.15am on August 6, 1945: an unprecedented, world-changing act of warfare that saw, as Richard Flanagan puts it, “60,000 Japanese souls ascending to heaven”? Flanagan might be. Without the bomb, …

Books November 25, 2023

Russ Radcliffe (ed.)
Best Australian Political Cartoons 2023

Cartoonists are the court jesters of the news section. While journalists are constrained by fact, cartoonists speak truth. Consider Glen Le Lievre’s frame of the ghosts of robo-debt at the foot of Scott Morrison’s bed, captioned with “I don’t …

The Influence November 25, 2023

Conductor Benjamin Northey on Thus Spake Zarathustra

Benjamin Northey – now celebrating two decades with Melbourne Symphony Orchestra – says Richard Strauss’s Thus Spake Zarathustra is an exemplar of musical storytelling.

Festival November 25, 2023

New York’s Performa Biennial

Performa Biennial takes an open view of performance art, showcasing work that might as easily be dance or theatre for a visual art audience.

Music November 25, 2023

Frost Children and the ‘indie sleaze’ revival

Siblings Lulu and Angel Prost, recording as Frost Children, are among the few who make the historically vague revival ‘indie sleaze’ a real thing.


Books December 2, 2023

Adam Sisman
The Secret Life of John le Carré

Adam Sisman’s 2015 work, John le Carré: The Biography, did a great job of narrating the writer’s life. The man who created Smiley and Leamas in The Spy Who Came in from the Cold was born David Cornwell, the son of an astonishing …

Books December 2, 2023

Stuart Lloyd
Started Out Just Drinking Beer: The Mental As Anything Story

While iconic Australian rock band Mental As Anything always presented as not taking themselves too seriously, the exact opposite can be said about their approach to music-making. As Stuart Lloyd chronicles in his engaging new book, Started Out Just …

Books December 2, 2023

Quentin Beresford
Rogue Corporations

In 1984, Geoffrey Edelsten opened his first “super clinic” in Western Sydney. The facility replaced the subdued atmosphere of the traditional doctor’s consulting room with unabashed tack: pink faux-mink couches, luridly dressed hostesses and a musician …