books August 12, 2017

The Town

The Town is Shaun Prescott’s full-length fiction debut and the sophomore novel from The Lifted Brow – the avant-garde Australian literary mag that, since moving into trade publishing last year, has championed writers whose ideas and execution run...

books August 12, 2017

The Lone Child

Anna George’s first book was the well-regarded crime thriller What Came Before . Her new novel, The Lone Child , is less criminal and more psychological in focus, but it’s just as thrilling. It’s a story about the effects of motherhood and the moral...

television August 12, 2017

Anthony LaPaglia’s pioneer spirit

Long before Australian actors were celebrated in the US, Anthony LaPaglia was forging a solid career in theatre and movies. But, he says, his rise to stardom could not have been more unexpected.

books August 12, 2017

The Vandemonian War

In The Vandemonian War, historian Nick Brodie turns his attention to one of the most contentious and fiercely debated events in Australian history: the frontier conflict that erupted between Aboriginal inhabitants and British colonisers in Van...

portrait August 12, 2017

A day in home daycare

Daycare operator Eliza and her life committed to children.

television August 12, 2017

Jane Campion’s Top of the Lake: China Girl

Jane Campion’s latest foray into television, while featuring admirable performances, sees the writer–director stray too far from what she does best.

books August 5, 2017

Pulse Points

It’s quite the ballsy thing for a writer to name-drop Raymond Carver smack-bang in the middle of their own collection of short stories, and almost a direct challenge when they do it more than once. “Carver, that’s advanced,” remarks an impressed...

books August 5, 2017

Vengeance Is Mine, All Others Pay Cash

This is the third novel in translation from Eka Kurniawan, an Indonesian wunderkind whose Beauty Is a Wound was an unlikely smash in 2015 and was followed the same year by Man Tiger , which made the Man Booker International Prize longlist in 2016...

portrait August 5, 2017

Photographer Jonny Lewis

Street photographer Jonny Lewis is documenting and preserving local and global communities.

film August 5, 2017

Filmmaker Amiel Courtin-Wilson

Almost a decade after making Bastardy with actor Jack Charles, filmmaker Amiel Courtin-Wilson refuses to see himself as a detached observer, instead drawing in his subjects as collaborators.

books August 5, 2017


He may have grown up on a wheat and wool farm, but Garry Disher is far from sentimental when it comes to life on the land. His latest novel is about a girl bought for a handful of coins by a villainous scrap man and pressed into a life of drudgery...