books March 23, 2019

Exploded View

Road trips, as epitomised by Jack Kerouac’s On the Road , can be a way to unfetter and unbind. Not in Carrie Tiffany’s Exploded View , though, where a car is described as little more than a “moving coffin”. In 1970s Australia, an adolescent girl,...

books March 23, 2019

Eight Lives

Ask a cancer researcher or oncologist about the most exciting developments in their field, and chances are they will mention immunotherapy. By modifying the body’s own immune system to treat disease, it gives doctors the ability to target specific...

portrait March 23, 2019

Aunty Shireen Malamoo

Weet-Bix and pastries with Australian South Sea Islanders – Port Jackson founding board member Aunty Shireen Malamoo.

books March 23, 2019

Kindred: A Cradle Mountain Love Story

It is the photographs scattered through the text of Kindred that grab our attention first. Two pairs of battered boots in close-up, hanging on a nail. A rudimentary bush campsite where a couple of thin ropes are tied between two trees and draped...

music March 23, 2019

Dean Lewis’s A Place We Knew

The appeal of Dean Lewis’s debut album, A Place We Knew, is that the earnest musings on broken relationships can be moulded to anyone’s story. But what his formulaic songwriting gains in popularity, it lacks in depth and insight.

art March 23, 2019

Hans and Nora Heysen: Two Generations of Australian Art

While father and daughter Hans and Nora Heysen both became renowned Australian artists – he for bush landscapes, she for portraits and still lifes – their work had become, until recently, somewhat overlooked.

culture March 23, 2019

Indigenous activist Thomas Mayor’s clear statement

For months, Indigenous activist Thomas Mayor carried the Uluru Statement from the Heart around Australia, rolling out the canvas as he told its story. With Labor and mining companies now on board, the push continues for a First Nations voice. “We have bipartisanship on the influences of the Australian public, left, right or centre. That’s the mindset we’re transferring to – fighting for the referendum to win.”

books March 16, 2019

Unlike the Heart

A woman has a baby and she can’t stop crying. She cries not just on the third day after giving birth with the “baby blues”, but as she feeds him, as she takes congratulatory cards from the letterbox, as she watches television and opens a tin of...

books March 16, 2019

The Rip

In Mark Brandi’s new novel The Rip , a homeless, young, female drug addict says to the reader: “I don’t think I could ever make you understand what it’s like for me, unless you could be me for a minute.” Of course, this is precisely the kind of...

books March 16, 2019

Charlie Savage

Roddy Doyle – an expansive writer with a career across novel, stage and screen, known for capturing the spirit and voice of working-class Dubliners – has long attracted criticism for being too broad and good-natured. Even his 1993 Booker win for...

portrait March 16, 2019

Activist Jean Hinchliffe

Lunch with School Strike 4 Climate lead organiser Jean Hinchliffe.