culture December 19, 2020

A different hope

The problems that plague Australian arts and culture long predate 2020, but this year's crises have thrown them into vivid relief.

film December 19, 2020

A year without cinema

In 2020 we mostly had to watch films at home, and the most exciting possibilities still emerged from independent cinema.

art December 19, 2020

Making sense of a changing world

We must support Australian artists in their most ambitious visions to understand the seismic shifts of our time.

music December 19, 2020

Music’s year of reckoning

In 2020, the inequities between major-label artists and indie musicians became untenable – and it has led to a surging politicisation of the music industry.

fiction December 19, 2020

A saltwater to watch

A new work of short fiction from the Miles Franklin award-winning author of Too Much Lip.

books June 6, 2015

Joh for PM

Queensland has proved unusually fertile ground for a particular breed of politician: maverick (unhinged?), populist (deluded?), conservative (authoritarian?) individuals much possessed of “self-belief” and, apparently, a unique insight into the “...

books June 6, 2015

The Harder They Come

In The Harder They Come , T. C. Boyle’s brilliant 15th novel, retired principal Sten Stenson is on a luxury cruise with his wife, Carolee, in Costa Rica. Sten is 70, “six-three and two hundred twenty pounds, most of it still in the right places”,...

portrait May 30, 2015

James Bradley’s climate of fear

A 150-novels-a-year man.

television May 30, 2015

Into the rainbow with the Muppets

At last the Muppets acknowledge that their humour works best hand in glove with ‘adult’ themes.

theatre May 30, 2015

Oscar-winner Helen Mirren reigns as screen royalty

By her own admission, Helen Mirren hasn’t done too badly at crafting an illustrious career.

books May 30, 2015

Blood Year: Terror and the Islamic State

In fighting terrorism, warns David Kilcullen, we should be careful what we wish for. We set out to eliminate al-Qaeda and instead, after a full decade of fighting, we got the Islamic State. Kilcullen, a strategist in global anti-terrorism strategies...