television May 18, 2019

Game of Thrones

The penultimate episode of Game of Thrones generated enormous controversy among fans. Why has the HBO series provoked such strong feelings?

portrait May 18, 2019

Queensland Ballet’s artistic director Li Cunxin

Sitting in on Queensland Ballet’s rehearsals with the company’s artistic director Li Cunxin.

theatre May 18, 2019

Stage advice from actor Hugo Weaving

During his illustrious career, Hugo Weaving has consistently returned to the STC stage, where he currently stars in Tennessee Williams’ Cat on a Hot Tin Roof. The actor discusses his upbringing, his concerns about the local film industry, and sharing the stage with his son. “I thought Harry would be really good in the role. But I didn’t say anything. I didn’t want any sense of nepotism. I just don’t think that’s right.”

theatre May 18, 2019

Malthouse Theatre’s Cloudstreet

Although the Malthouse Theatre’s production of Cloudstreet is flawed, its failings cannot overshadow the fundamental power of Tim Winton’s novel.

books May 18, 2019

Things Nobody Knows But Me

Things Nobody Knows But Me opens with Amra Pajalić learning, at age 16, that her mother’s illness is in fact bipolar disorder, and proceeds to build back to this moment. Through interlinked vignettes, she presents complex portraits of maternal...

books May 18, 2019

Stop Being Reasonable

Why is it so difficult to change people’s minds – both our own and others’? And why do we (still) hold rational debate up as the answer? These are provocative questions, given we are taught to place reason on a pedestal and “not get emotional” when...

books May 18, 2019


Should we never find proof of other life forms in the universe, perhaps it is a comfort that the people here on Earth can be compassionate, intelligent and, in the case of Ted Chiang, very good at crafting short fiction that inspires both warm...

books May 11, 2019

On David Malouf

“School, as everyone knows, is where books go to get sterilised,” writes Nam Le in his essay On David Malouf , part of Black Inc’s “Writers on Writers” series. But if a classroom can sound the death knell for a love of literature, Le does the...

books May 11, 2019

Greek to Me

A televised spelling bee will divide the room, especially if there is an expectation to participate: some will slide deep into their seats as others perkily top up glasses. Mary Norris is strictly for the word nerds. Her attraction to Greek is...

books May 11, 2019


When Kaya Wilson, a writer and scientist, transitioned to male, he suddenly realised he could own the streets. In his contribution to this pioneering anthology, he writes about passing a group of drunken men on a dark street, soon after...

portrait May 11, 2019

Director and writer Jocelyn Moorhouse

A quiet chat with one of Australia’s most acclaimed directors about visual thinking, motherhood and her memoir, Unconditional Love.