portrait April 21, 2018

Poet Hera Lindsay Bird

Visiting New Zealand poet Hera Lindsay Bird in Wellington.

opera April 21, 2018

Opera Australia’s ‘La Traviata’

Elijah Moshinsky’s interpretation of Verdi’s tragic masterpiece La Traviata has been wowing Opera Australia audiences since the ’90s. The latest iteration – both visually rich and lovingly handled by its stars – doesn’t let down the canon.

books April 21, 2018

A Sand Archive

Gregory Day, like Tim Winton, is an Australian novelist connected with an Australian place. While Winton writes about Western Australia, Day’s points of reference typically lie along Victoria’s Great Ocean Road. Like his earlier work, Day’s latest...

books April 21, 2018

The Death of Noah Glass

Australian novelist Gail Jones is no great spinner of yarns or master of mood and atmosphere, but she does have a unique feeling for the fascinations of the fragmentary. Her books brim with literary allusions, historical anecdotes, references to...

books April 21, 2018

The Girl Who Smiled Beads

When Clemantine Wamariya attended The Oprah Winfrey Show she seemed, on the surface, a normal American teenager: she was a cheerleader and lived with a prosperous, supportive family. But Wamariya, who had arrived in the United States aged 12 after...

music April 21, 2018

Evelyn Ida Morris’s piano forte

After a decade of critical acclaim as Pikelet, musician Evelyn Ida Morris is releasing the first music under their own name – a grand suite of piano songs, both sung and speechless, about the experience of being non-binary. “Non-binary is very strange, because it’s about preserving that internal space, and feeling proud of it, and finding ways to communicate it.”

books April 14, 2018

The Wasp and the Orchid

The subtitle promises “the remarkable life” of Edith Coleman, but remarkable how? As Danielle Clode tells it, it comes across as remarkable in the sense of noteworthy, rather than extraordinary. Which is fine – by all means, let’s take note – but is...

portrait April 14, 2018

Teaching artist Zoe Hogan

Education development officer Zoe Hogan works with Sydney's Asylum Seekers Centre.

books April 14, 2018

False Claims of Colonial Thieves

In her poem “Simply Yarning”, Charmaine Papertalk Green writes: Yarning is a beautiful conversation / From that moment / That space / That time / Yarning puts us on common ground. Her co-author John Kinsella responds warmly with his own hymn to the...

art April 14, 2018

Artists Soda_Jerk remixing Australian history

Following the outrage over their “unAustralian” video opus Terror Nullius, artists Dominique and Dan Angeloro reflect on their collective practice as Soda_Jerk. “We always had this idea that we wanted Terror Nullius to be a film somewhere between the arthouse and grindhouse. A piece of art that embraces bad taste or maybe a piece of bad taste that aspires to be art.”

music April 14, 2018

Confidence Man and Space Invadas

Confidence Man and Space Invadas both deliver refurbished R&B, but one polishes vintage grooves and the other delivers a fun-packed take on a ’90s dancefloor.