portrait July 21, 2018

Filmmaker Sara Driver

A chat with documentarian and citizen of New York City, Sara Driver.

film July 21, 2018

Why Spike Lee’s laughing at the Ku Klux Klan

Spike Lee’s new film BlacKkKlansman tells a true story of an African–American policeman infiltrating the Ku Klux Klan. Its themes of blaxploitation, racism and oppression, says the filmmaker, perfectly reflect the political climate we live in now. “When Kevin [Willmott, the film’s co-writer] and I came on board, our No. 1 concern, as storytellers, was to connect this period piece to present day. We had to con-nect. So, we did our research.”

books July 21, 2018

The Re-Origin of Species

Anyone familiar with the Jurassic Park franchise knows something about de-extinction, including its potential to breed not just beasts but hubris. Swedish science journalist Torill Kornfeldt set out to explore the science, excited at the prospect of...

music July 21, 2018

Punch Brothers’ ‘All Ashore’

Bravura five-piece Punch Brothers deliver a modern take on roots music, and their new album All Ashore has them setting their sights on the tumult of American politics.

books July 21, 2018

We See the Stars

Kids at school say Simon is “weird”. His brother Davey questions why he never speaks. Grandma secretly takes him to various doctors, while Mum won’t get out of bed. Cassie, his first friend in years, affectionately calls him “numpty”. In Simon’s...

art July 14, 2018

French conceptual artist Daniel Buren

French conceptual artist Daniel Buren continues to charm and engage with his quiet, contagious ways of seeing the world in stripes. “My biography is very simple: Daniel Buren. Born 25 March, ’38. Works and lives in situ.”

portrait July 7, 2018

Game designer Skaidris Gunsmith

Pizza with “full-time geek” and entrepreneur Skaidris Gunsmith.

art July 7, 2018

‘52 Artists 52 Actions’

A year-long curatorial project, involving new work from 52 artists, hosted principally on an Instagram account, raises questions of form and function.

film July 7, 2018

Gary Oldman on fame and his most famous roles

He trained for a career in British theatre, but Gary Oldman has since appeared in some of Hollywood’s top-grossing film franchises and played some of history’s most famous men. Here, the Oscar winner opens up about learning his craft and the value of insecurity. “It would be a sad day to really be able to sit there and watch yourself and go, ‘Wow, I’m fantastic in this.’ You should always be questioning and pushing yourself, and having doubt and insecurity is a good thing, but it can’t immobilise you.”

books July 7, 2018

Light Borrowers: UTS Writers’ Anthology 2018

The UTS Writers’ Anthology sits on an interesting precipice, one no less interesting because it sits there with such grace and style. On the one hand, it’s the outcome of a learning and teaching project; the yearly editorial committee is composed of...

books July 7, 2018

The Art of Taxidermy

Sharon Kernot’s fourth book contains many sweet, darkly beguiling set pieces, which evoke in their way a sense of the beauty that can be seen in nearly anything living or dead. In the opening pages we meet two girls about 11 years old. One of them...