portrait May 26, 2018

Attachment phase

The author reflects on the impending birth of her granddaughter.

books May 26, 2018


Even in the tsunami of fourth-wave feminism, we’re still asking whether women can “have it all”. Career remains family’s nemesis, the balancing act laden with moral judgement no matter where the scales fall. To procreate or not to procreate is...

books May 26, 2018

Get Up Mum

Justin Heazlewood – best known as the ARIA award-nominated comedian The Bedroom Philosopher – had his very first bad memory aged six. His mother told his nan and pop they’d never see their grandchild again. With the little boy bawling, she dragged...

books May 26, 2018


Calypso , a collection of 21 essays and sketches by David Sedaris holds no surprises – not a bad thing, necessarily. As a professional kvetch and cartographer of foibles global and intimate for more than two decades, Sedaris has refined his schtick...

art May 26, 2018

David Capra’s ‘Sheer Fantasy’

In the delineated zones of David Capra’s exhibition-cum-installation Sheer Fantasy, the visitor is led to contemplate intersections of time and space.

books May 19, 2018


Axiomatic is the fourth work of nonfiction by Maria Tumarkin, one of Australia’s most urgent and necessary writers, but it is the first to keep her accent – the first to fully register the impolitic intensity of her prose and breadth of her world...

television May 12, 2018


The second season of Westworld continues the series’ Baudrillardian illusions of reality and fakery as its robots develop a class-consciousness rare on our screens.

books May 12, 2018

To Throw Away Unopened

Viv Albertine’s first memoir, 2014’s Clothes, Clothes, Clothes. Music, Music, Music. Boys, Boys, Boys was a critically acclaimed award winner. Her second is a more intimate deconstruction of the family forces that shaped her, firstly as an...

books May 12, 2018

On Patrick White

This short book, the third in Black Inc’s “Writers on Writers” series, sees Christos Tsiolkas reviving his love of Patrick White. Tsiolkas acknowledges David Marr’s thorough and acclaimed White biography early on – here he’s writing something...

books May 12, 2018


I debated over whether to address these books’ genesis at the outset, or to treat them on their own terms. Does it undersell them to point out that they started out as elements of a larger whole? But don’t their covers and format signal a link, and...

art May 12, 2018

Artist Wendy Sharpe

A visit to the Sydney studio of artist Wendy Sharpe.