culture October 13, 2018

The key concepts of Ryuichi Sakamoto

Ryuichi Sakamoto is perhaps best known for his many film scores, including The Revenant, but the composer and keyboardist’s long career spans the synth pop of Yellow Magic Orchestra, pioneering electro-funk and subtly complex ambient music. “Making music for me is a chain reaction, always going towards something. Some ideas, a glimpse of something, a fragment of a memory that triggers more images. Your mother’s smell, a person from TV news. That kind of imaginative fantasy, that journey, is already very musical. So, I hope my music can trigger some kind of image series for the listener.”

portrait October 13, 2018

Author Deb Kandelaars

The writer of Memoirs of a Suburban Girl on her long road out of a violent relationship. “There I am, right in the middle of my teenage years and suddenly in a serious relationship. A relationship that pushes away my other life. Being hit was beyond my world experience. I didn’t want it to happen again. I started treading a little bit more carefully, and that set up a power dynamic.”

theatre October 13, 2018

Barry McGovern’s Watt

Barry McGovern’s one-man adaptation of Samuel Beckett’s novel Watt is a masterpiece of poignant, pratfalling absurdity

music October 13, 2018

A Star Is Born OST

The soundtrack to A Star Is Born – featuring Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper – unwittingly rebuts the film’s storyline, with the female star’s serious music less compelling than the pure pop she’s meant to have outgrown.

books October 13, 2018

When I Saw the Animal

Bernard Cohen’s When I Saw the Animal is a bit of a pig’s breakfast: a thin potage of leftovers, scraps, mystery offcuts and, yes, occasional meaty nuggets. Here you’ll find more than two decades of literary leavings all mixed in to make what you...

dance September 29, 2018

Choreographer Liam Scarlett

Choreographer Liam Scarlett, a former dancer with the Royal Ballet whose Midsummer Night’s Dream will soon tour China, seems destined to join the ranks of the all-time greats. “With every premiere you sit back and watch it for what it is. You think I could tweak this or I could tweak that. But I was happy with it, it was such a relief when it was over but it’s probably the thing I’ve done which I felt most proud of.”

books September 29, 2018

French Exit

Timed to coincide with the release of the film version of his much-loved second book The Sisters Brothers , Canadian author Patrick deWitt drops novel No. 4 in our laps. French Exit is a brief comedy of manners, an amuse-gueule, if you will, about...

books September 29, 2018

On J.  M. Coetzee

Of all the titles in Black Inc’s Writers on Writers series, Ceridwen Dovey’s essay on J. M. Coetzee arrives with the most intellectual excitement, as well as the greatest anticipatory unease. This is because Coetzee – two-time winner of the Booker...

books September 29, 2018


Kristina Olsson’s novel about the construction of the Sydney Opera House is an appropriate book to launch Scribner Australia, a new imprint of Simon & Schuster. The book is gorgeously designed, with elegant endpapers, a gleaming dust jacket and...

portrait September 22, 2018

Artist Robert Walton

Stealing time and cultivating “radical empathy” with artist Robert Walton.

music September 22, 2018

Liars, TWTWF

Liars’ new album of oblique rock, TWTWF, finds Angus Andrew lyrically exploring the departure of his long-time songwriting partner and sonically drawing on his natural surrounds.