music   November 25, 2023

Frost Children and the ‘indie sleaze’ revival

Siblings Lulu and Angel Prost, recording as Frost Children, are among the few who make the historically vague revival ‘indie sleaze’ a real thing.

music   November 25, 2023

Pop auteur Caroline Polachek

Avant-pop artist Caroline Polachek is bringing her myth-making performance of desire to Australia for the first time.

music   November 18, 2023

Singer Marcia Hines

Marcia Hines’s new album – the latest reinvention in her long and distinguished career – returns to the songs of her childhood.

music   November 11, 2023

The Night Terrors’ Hypnotica

On their latest album, The Night Terrors return to electronic music with a focus on the beguiling possibilities of the theremin.

music   November 11, 2023

Singer Margret RoadKnight

For more than 60 years, Margret RoadKnight has been interpreting songs in the folk, blues and jazz traditions. Her new album, LONG TIME…, is her latest attempt to preserve songs from extinction.

music   October 28, 2023

Sampha’s Lahai

Sampha’s new album, Lahai, partly inspired by fatherhood, demonstrates a masterly ability to meld different genres into a fascinating new coherence.

music   October 21, 2023

Artist Rainbow Chan

In her latest work, performer and artist Rainbow Chan collaborates with her mother to reimagine Weitou bridal laments.

music   October 7, 2023

The many lives of Lindy Morrison

Feminist, activist, musician and Go-Betweens drummer Lindy Morrison was a tumultuous force in the Australian music industry from the very beginning.

music   September 30, 2023

Several Songs about Fire

Andrew Savage’s second solo album, Several Songs about Fire is an elegant collection that tackles existential questions with a sweeter tone than his earlier work.

music   September 16, 2023

Talking Heads’ Stop Making Sense

Talking Heads’ iconic Stop Making Sense came at a critical juncture of a volatile career. The reissue of the film and album gives us a chance to be stopped in our tracks all over again.

music   August 26, 2023

Róisín Murphy’s Hit Parade

Róisín Murphy’s Hit Parade is a masterclass in unfussy pop – her best record yet and maybe the album of the year.