The Influence October 16, 2021

Judy Watson

Judy Watson has been enchanted for almost two decades by the lightness and ephemerality of Pat Steir’s Waterfall Mirage.

Music October 16, 2021

Lala Lala’s I Want the Door to Open and Hand Habits’ Fun House

Stunning new albums from Lala Lala and Hand Habits disprove the adage that dealing with your inner demons is detrimental to art.

Theatre October 16, 2021

Melbourne and Sydney Fringe Festivals go online

This year’s Melbourne and Sydney Fringe Festivals put together lively online programs that prove theatre can successfully translate to screen.

Culture October 16, 2021

New Gold Mountain Director Corrie Chen

For Corrie Chen, the chance to direct the groundbreaking television series New Gold Mountain was the fulfilment of a dream.

Television October 16, 2021

Succession, season 3

The much-anticipated new season of Succession digs further into grotesque family dysfunction – and it doesn’t disappoint.

Fiction October 16, 2021

Passing bells

Selwyn Atchison rumpled over the old coach bridge to come see my Uncle Ferny, who was always first in line when local groups wanted money. The Atchison dray announced itself as the bridge planks paradiddled in the sunlight. The woody music of timber buckling …

Fiction October 9, 2021


Five-year-old female Japanese spitz, “Mitzy”. Free to a good home with no children or other pets. It wasn’t until she’d brought the dog home that Jill noticed it. She’d poured herself a glass of pinot grigio. Mitzy had jumped up next …

Books October 9, 2021

Jennifer Down
Bodies of Light

“At night I lay in bed and counted the bodies I’d left behind … I pictured them all laid out in a paddock like human dominos. I had no way of knowing what happened to any of them.” So speaks the narrator of Jennifer Down’s novel Bodies …

Books October 9, 2021

Diana Reid
Love and Virtue

One of the most startling things about Love and Virtue, Diana Reid’s debut novel, is its unabashed and often brutal interest in class, something that passes unacknowledged in so much of our cultural and political discourse. This is almost inevitable, …

Books October 9, 2021

McKenzie Wark
Philosophy for Spiders: On the Low Theory of Kathy Acker

McKenzie Wark and Kathy Acker met in June 1995 at a launch event in Sydney’s Ariel bookstore for the now defunct 21C magazine, of which I was editor. Both Wark and Acker were contributors, and it fell to me to introduce them. Wark was at the …

Theatre October 9, 2021


Isklander is an interactive online thriller that puts the audience at the centre of its plot.

Visual Art October 9, 2021

Reversible Destiny: Australian and Japanese Contemporary Photography

A Tokyo exhibition of Australian and Japanese photographers explores how the image affects history, memory and our notions of self.


Books October 16, 2021

Michelle de Kretser
Scary Monsters

The first thing to know about Scary Monsters is that it consists of two novellas bound top to tail within a single paperback. It’s a design decision that reinforces the world-turned-upside-down nature of the stories contained: one a narrative …

Books October 16, 2021

Bronwyn Adcock

In 2005, the CSIRO predicted that climate change would lead to catastrophic fires in south-eastern Australia by 2020. But rather than treating the climate crisis as “a question of science and how we prepare”, as journalist Bronwyn Adcock writes in …

Books October 16, 2021

Valentin Gendrot

In 2020, the murder of George Floyd by policeman Derek Chauvin in Minneapolis sparked a long overdue global reckoning with police violence and accountability. More than a year later, this debate is increasingly relevant. A recent study by the University …