Visual Art June 19, 2021

Hilma af Klint

The visionary abstractions of Hilma af Klint – now on show in a luminous exhibition at the AGNSW – demand that the history of Modernism be rewritten.

Theatre June 19, 2021

Grand Horizons

The STC’s emotionally nuanced production of Bess Wohl’s Grand Horizons creates a warm evening of traditional boulevard theatre.

Film June 19, 2021

Martin Eden

Pietro Marcello’s intelligent film adaptation of Jack London’s classic novel Martin Eden investigates the impossible dilemmas faced by a working-class artist.

Culture June 19, 2021

Terri-ann White

Terri-ann White’s long career has been marked by a certain wildness, but her latest project – starting a new publishing house in the midst of a pandemic – is probably the boldest.

The Influence June 19, 2021

Bri Lee

Writer and academic Bri Lee talks about the influence of painter Eugene von Guérard on her work and outlook.

Fiction June 19, 2021

Affect training

It was called “affect training”. Susie purchased the course for her as a gift; a course Susie had completed herself, and had found beneficial. In the brochure Monica had been given were photographs of people with different expressions on their faces. …

The Influence June 12, 2021

Alexander Briger

Alexander Briger AO, an Australian and international star of classical music, discusses the influence of Mahler’s Fourth Symphony on his career.

Theatre June 12, 2021

The Appleton Ladies’ Potato Race

STCSA’s The Appleton Ladies’ Potato Race features an excellent production and performances but can’t conceal the play’s troubling blind spots.

Television June 12, 2021

The Underground Railroad

Moonlight director Barry Jenkins’ television adaptation of The Underground Railroad is a brilliant and deeply moving depiction of slavery in America.

Visual Art June 12, 2021

Performance artist Mike Parr

Mike Parr is Australia’s most-celebrated performance artist. His latest work undoes assumptions about what it means to look and to see.

Fiction June 12, 2021

Old Orphan Creek

Up here, the cold permeates. It presses against you and breathes itself back in. You like the way it stings your fingers, how every inch of your body is forced to feel. Arterial, the roads pulse you along, each town you pass fleeting and unacknowledged. …

Books June 12, 2021

Alice Pung
One Hundred Days

Having published memoir, essays and fiction, Alice Pung has demonstrated an ability to write with flair and flexibility across genres. While each story is unique, there’s a comfort in reading a book by Pung, as you know the characters and narrative …


Books June 19, 2021

Michael Mohammed Ahmad
The Other Half of You

“Never marry an outsider, never have less than five children, never go against the family, never go against the village, and never question me.” So ran the script that Arab men in Michael Mohammed Ahmad’s family passed onto their sons. Presumably …

Books June 19, 2021

Marwa al-Sabouni
Building for Hope: Towards an Architecture of Belonging

Architecture is inherently optimistic: its founding assumption is that a better world is possible through design. Sometimes this can seem utopian or idealistic, sometimes naively Pollyanna. But for better or worse, that hopey-changey thing (as Sarah Palin …

Books June 19, 2021

Deborah Levy
Real Estate

Who, in this interminable year, hasn’t longed to be somewhere else? Perhaps a grand old house, with a pomegranate tree and a fountain, a blue sky and an even bluer sea? A place where you can swim all day and where a roving population of friends and …