poetry April 10, 2021

Two poems

Epiphany for dad I have seen birth and death, But had thought they were different – T. S. Eliot As it rose for the Magi, a pink flush through the gum trees the bed that held his tortured, gagged body, fifteen months after a stroke lies empty in a...

poetry March 27, 2021

anneal this breath

ANNEAL | heat up and cool down slowly; soften and strengthen to eliminate stress that accumulates through time; forge an open response to resist and shapeshift without losing one’s essence. _______________________________________ mine and refine...

in progress March 6, 2021

Bella Li

The poet and artist Bella Li says that if it weren’t for deadlines – and the inspiration provided by tennis players – she would never finish her work.

poetry March 6, 2021

Psalms of sleep

Psalm 4. To the lead musician of Neginoth. Selah Hear me plead righteousness, God; as I increase I grow out of distress via you, hear me singing this prayer. All twists from truth when we lose good to shame, and I can but ask all that is endless...

poetry February 20, 2021

Five poems

26 soldiers A small army pressed into service from capline to baseline marching smartly across the page some with proud embellishments on standard issue typeface a swash here a serif there tracking tightly in different formations ablazed with wor(l)...

poetry January 30, 2021

Three poems

Field Observations after Liu Chuang’s Bitcoin Mining and Field Recordings of Ethnic Minorities (2018) The spinning wheels glow neon-green. Water released from the mouth of the dam roars over the bolted edge into the reservoir. We mine energy; we...

poetry December 19, 2020

Ideas of travel

6 It wasn’t the stars that frightened them. It was the stairs. You could climb to the height of the sky but there were more than a thousand steps and each one took a year off your life – you would soon be lost in the time of your great-great-...

poetry December 19, 2020

fire moves faster

From the trauma of a burning nation, to the desperation of Covid-19, to the united voices of the Black Lives Matter protests, this year called for resilience like few before it.

poetry December 5, 2020

Three poems

Atmosphere I can’t wish on stars in unseasonal cold. They’re older than they look. And they keep shtum in shivery night even when I sneak up on them. Still they spread a stern and spiky glow on my uneven thinking about how things turned out, horizon...

poetry November 14, 2020

Two poems

Relevant to the Day for Mr Daliri After lunch, I decide I have no brothers and sisters, I am Alone. My love is in another room. She doesn’t know of this severance, how far I drifted In the space of morning. Language no longer speaks to me. Though I...

poetry October 24, 2020


Linear time is something Settlers brought here A version of time that creates distance Things that happened a hundred years ago are further away than things that happened yesterday A version of time weaponised against Indigenous peoples Our life...