portrait March 17, 2018

Lorna, retired florist and grandmother

Gathering stories to piece together a family history.

portrait March 10, 2018

Glass artist Emma Camden

A visit to the studio of glass sculptor Emma Camden.

portrait February 24, 2018

Artist Stuart Ringholt

Inside the studio with conceptual artist Stuart Ringholt.

portrait March 3, 2018

Artist Ato Ribeiro

Seeing Black Panther with Ghanian-American woodworker Ato Ribeiro.

portrait February 17, 2018

My grandmother’s death

Reflecting on what’s lost with the passing of a generation.

portrait February 10, 2018

Conductor Alondra de la Parra

At home with the music director of the Queensland Symphony Orchestra, Alondra de la Parra.

portrait February 3, 2018

Poet Alan Wearne

Lunch with ‘that’ teacher, poet Alan Wearne.

portrait January 27, 2018

Author Debra Adelaide

A seat at the desk of academic, poet and author Debra Adelaide.

portrait December 23, 2017

Designer Mary Featherston

Play and pedagogy with designer Mary Featherston.

portrait December 16, 2017

Gender-equality activist Tasman Bain

A conversation with Tasman Bain, co-founder of PNG gender-equality charity Meri Toksave.

art December 9, 2017

Tim Jennings and Aboriginal art

At Utopia, deep in the desert of the Northern Territory, the red edge of the land meets the sky in an unending line. The plains are rusted and sparse. Mulga trees and ghost gums that line the bush tracks spread thinly into the desert, greens and...