portrait June 24, 2017

Literary collective director Michael Mohammed Ahmad

A drive with founder of western Sydney literary collective Sweatshop, Michael Mohammed Ahmad.

portrait June 17, 2017

Tasmanian forest track-builders

Tasmanians Christo Mills and David Bretz on moving from the blockade to the pathway.

portrait June 3, 2017

Artist Yhonnie Scarce

Artist Yhonnie Scarce captures the aftermath of Maralinga in her new exhibition Thunder Raining Poison.

portrait June 10, 2017

Playwright Adena Jacobs

The Book of Exodus writer and director Adena Jacobs on the ethereal connection between the stage and the audience.

portrait May 20, 2017

James Joyce expert Frances Devlin-Glass

Frances Devlin-Glass stages Joyce’s Dublin, smell by smell.

portrait May 13, 2017

My grandmother at 109

Looking back on the long life of the oldest Queenslander.

portrait May 6, 2017

Science philosopher Peter Godfrey-Smith

We meet at his apartment block in Manly, from where he can hear the sea. It’s early evening, and the light is softened by a dense, salty haze. Restaurants and cafes on the street front are beginning to fill, the surf slowly emptying of people...

portrait April 29, 2017

Documentary filmmaker Hollie Fifer

Hollie Fifer on documenting the David and Goliath struggles of locals versus industry in Papua New Guinea.

portrait April 22, 2017

Artist Claire Lambe

Artist Claire Lambe prepares an exhibition.

portrait April 15, 2017

Dance psychotherapist Liz Foster

Liz Foster on ballet, dance therapy and healing through movement.

portrait April 8, 2017

Comedian Anne Edmonds

Comedian Anne Edmonds serves up a slice of middle Australia.