music July 14, 2018

Musician Mojo Juju

Filipino Wiradjuri musician Mojo Juju talks about her new project Native Tongue and getting ahead in a homogenous industry.

portrait July 7, 2018

Game designer Skaidris Gunsmith

Pizza with “full-time geek” and entrepreneur Skaidris Gunsmith.

portrait June 23, 2018

Choreographer Diane Busuttil

A conversation about movement and personal history, with dancer Diane Busuttil.

portrait June 30, 2018

Author and poet Jenny Zhang

Some homemade dumplings and a chat about characters with the author of Sour Heart.

portrait June 16, 2018

A runner called @nobody

Chasing an elusive athlete known as @nobody.

portrait June 9, 2018

Author Gabriel Tallent

Gabriel Tallent, writer of My Absolute Darling, discusses inspiration and motivation.

portrait June 2, 2018

Writer Eileen Myles

A conversation with the author of Chelsea Girls and Afterglow: A Dog Memoir.

portrait May 26, 2018

Attachment phase

The author reflects on the impending birth of her granddaughter.

portrait May 19, 2018

Kundalini yoga teacher Emma Lynch

Finding peace in kundalini yoga, with Emma Lynch.

art May 12, 2018

Artist Wendy Sharpe

A visit to the Sydney studio of artist Wendy Sharpe.

portrait May 5, 2018

Sam Muhirwa and Epiphanie Mukashyaka

Talking coffee and family with entrepreneur Sam Muhirwa.