Writer Jessica Friedmann on postnatal depression and motherhood

Donna Lu
Following her experience of postnatal depression, writer Jessica Friedmann hopes to provoke discussion of parenthood beyond the clichés of gushing Instagram accounts or nappy-change horror stories.

Camp Cope talk music and mental illness

Andy Hazel
Camp Cope’s frank and confessional lyrics – and their campaign against sexual harassment at gigs – have won them dedicated fans who feel a personal relationship to the trio.

Purely academic

Adam Ouston
From Trieste to Tasmania, philosopher John Armstrong has pondered the fate of the intellectual.

Sarah Snook talks Noël Coward and HBO

Steve Dow
From stage to television to film, Adelaide-born Sarah Snook is an actress in high demand. Her choices are proving as shrewd as they are diverse.

Malian singer Inna Modja on the activism in her music

Jane Cornwell
As a model and fledgling pop star, Inna Modja kept her personal story to herself. But as her profile grew, so did her passion to speak out.

Writing ‘Mark Colvin’s Kidney’

Tommy Murphy
Tommy Murphy's stage show portrays ABC journalist Mark Colvin and business adviser Mary-Ellen Field’s relationship after the News of the World hacking scandal.

Ryan Adams on loss, Springsteen and Whitesnake

Dave Faulkner
Following his grandmother’s death and a painful divorce, Ryan Adams has worked through his losses in his music.

Lars Eidinger on Richard III, Hitler and Trump

Peter Craven
German actor Lars Eidinger, performing his arresting Richard III at the Adelaide Festival next month, talks about Shakespeare, Trump and the value of being open to contradiction.

Rachel Perkins on Jasper Jones and Indigenous activism

Steve Dow
Filmmaker Rachel Perkins stays true to her activist upbringing in Jasper Jones, even as she avoids overt political messages.

Heather Lawson and Michelle Stevens’ ‘Imagined Touch’

Romy Ash
Heather Lawson and Michelle Stevens are deafblind performers whose work allows audiences to experience the world via touch, guided through darkness and silence.

Radio National's Andrew Ford

Caroline Baum
After 21 years presenting Radio National’s The Music Show, broadcaster and composer Andrew Ford shows no signs of slowing.

Saroo Brierley on ‘Lion’ and the incredible rediscovery of his home in India

Susan Chenery
As retold in Lion, Saroo was lost as a child in India, adopted by a Tasmanian couple and then, miraculously, 25 years later tracked down his birth mother.

Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy’s compelling journey

Sarah Price
Pakistani filmmaker and journalist Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy on devoting her life to exposing violence against women.

Artist Tatsuo Miyajima and ‘Mega Death’

Clarissa Sebag-Montefiore
Japanese installation artist Tatsuo Miyajima – the subject of a 40-year retrospective at Sydney’s MCA – uses arrays of LED light to tackle the big questions with a Buddhist perspective.

Client Liaison's all-consuming synth pop project

Romy Ash
Are Melbourne band Client Liaison living inside an enormous performance art piece or are they taking the piss?

Rose Byrne in David Mamet’s ‘Speed-the-Plow’

Steve Dow
After conquering Hollywood, Rose Byrne returns to Australia to take on Mamet for the STC.

Brisbane indie band The Goon Sax

Andy Hazel
Brisbane teenagers The Goon Sax are getting all the right attention, here and abroad, for their deceptively simple and heartfelt pop. Fans of The Go-Betweens might recognise a pattern.

Playwright Nakkiah Lui on radicalism and family

Steve Dow
Playwright and Black Comedy star Nakkiah Lui has turned her politically aware upbringing into award-winning writing about Indigenous experience.

Melbourne dolewave band Terry

Giles Fielke
Melbourne band Terry operate outside the mainstream industry. For them, ‘dolewave’ is less a put-down and more an arch declaration of artists angry with inequality.

Architect Vo Trong Nghia meditates on creative process

Patrick Hartigan
Nature and the interdependence of all things are the keys to architect Vo Trong Nghia creations.

Will Eno’s deconstructive theatre

Darryn King
Relentlessly breaking the fourth wall, even casting the performance’s audience as characters, American playwright Will Eno strives to deliver meaningful experience.

Behind the scenes with Back to Back Theatre

Kate Holden
Back to Back Theatre disorients and mesmerises audiences with large themes developed from very personal workshopping.

Kate Cherry takes centre stage

Peter Craven
Director Kate Cherry takes the helm at NIDA with a vision of the school not just as an incubator of dramatic talent but of the nation’s cultural future.

Journalist Prue Clarke and New Narratives

Andrew Purcell
Prue Clarke grew up in rural NSW knowing her calling was to expose injustice. Now the award-winning international journalist has taken her fight to the nations of Africa.

The rise of ‘Only Daughter’ author Anna Snoekstra

Jan McGuinness
Working night shift at a Melbourne cinema, Anna Snoekstra dared to dream. Now, her debut novel has caught the attention of Hollywood.