television August 12, 2017

Anthony LaPaglia’s pioneer spirit

Long before Australian actors were celebrated in the US, Anthony LaPaglia was forging a solid career in theatre and movies. But, he says, his rise to stardom could not have been more unexpected.

film August 5, 2017

Filmmaker Amiel Courtin-Wilson

Almost a decade after making Bastardy with actor Jack Charles, filmmaker Amiel Courtin-Wilson refuses to see himself as a detached observer, instead drawing in his subjects as collaborators.

culture July 29, 2017

Author Robert Drewe on his latest satire, ‘Whipbird’

Author Robert Drewe’s award-winning novels are much loved for their sharply drawn portraits of Australian life. For his latest, Whipbird, he has turned his satirical eye to the type of monied professional chasing the settler tradition by owning a modest vineyard.

culture July 22, 2017

Katie Noonan takes to the bush

Since arriving on the music scene as a teenager in the band George, Katie Noonan has been an evolving artist. Now, she’s seeking to empower fellow female singer–songwriters in rural Australia.

culture July 15, 2017

Charles Edwards steps into ‘My Fair Lady’

As a child, Downton Abbey’s Charles Edwards listened to the classic My Fair Lady recording with Julie Andrews and Rex Harrison. Now he's playing Henry Higgins, with Andrews directing.

film July 8, 2017

Angourie Rice on staying real in Hollywood

As an actress on the rise, Angourie Rice is determined to find roles beyond the cookie-cutter teenage girls. Here, she talks about the importance of female representation, working with Kidman and Coppola, and frocking up for The Beguiled.

culture July 1, 2017

‘Fight Club’ producer Ross Grayson Bell

When no studio wanted to touch Fight Club, producer Ross Grayson Bell fought hard to get the film green-lighted. Now, he’s back home in Australia and pulling no punches with budding storytellers.

culture June 24, 2017

Una’s Ben Mendelsohn on his American roots

Ben Mendelsohn, currently seen in the harrowing drama Una, has adapted to life in the US, where he has become an in-demand film actor. But his teen years spent living there were more tumultuous. “The cultural shift was profound and deeply weird to me. I couldn’t make any sense of who those strange beings were.”

culture June 17, 2017

Jai Courtney and his formidable Macbeth

Actor Jai Courtney, the latest Australian to make headway in Hollywood, returns to the theatre to give MTC’s Macbeth his muscle.

culture June 10, 2017

Leigh Carmichael’s dark arts at MONA

For Leigh Carmichael, meeting MONA founder David Walsh was a life-changing moment. Now, as the creative director of DarkLab, Carmichael is changing the way people see culture.

culture June 3, 2017

Australian Ballet’s Leanne Stojmenov on motherhood and ‘Nutcracker’

Leanne Stojmenov is once again featuring in Graeme Murphy’s Nutcracker, and having recently returned to dance after having a baby, the Australian Ballet’s principal artist says new priorities in her life help her bring a greater depth to the role.