culture June 24, 2017

Una's Ben Mendelsohn on his American roots

Ben Mendelsohn, currently seen in the harrowing drama Una, has adapted to life in the US, where he has become an in-demand film actor. But his teen years spent living there were more tumultuous. “The cultural shift was profound and deeply weird to me. I couldn’t make any sense of who those strange beings were.”

culture June 17, 2017

Jai Courtney and his formidable Macbeth

Actor Jai Courtney, the latest Australian to make headway in Hollywood, returns to the theatre to give MTC’s Macbeth his muscle.

culture June 10, 2017

Leigh Carmichael's dark arts at MONA

For Leigh Carmichael, meeting MONA founder David Walsh was a life-changing moment. Now, as the creative director of DarkLab, Carmichael is changing the way people see culture.

culture June 3, 2017

Australian Ballet's Leanne Stojmenov on motherhood and ‘Nutcracker’

Leanne Stojmenov is once again featuring in Graeme Murphy’s Nutcracker, and having recently returned to dance after having a baby, the Australian Ballet’s principal artist says new priorities in her life help her bring a greater depth to the role.

culture May 27, 2017

Songwriter Jimmy Webb on his partnership with Glen Campbell

As his main muse, Glen Campbell, delivers a final album, songwriter Jimmy Webb looks back at his own career in which he delivered some of American popular music’s best-loved songs.

culture May 20, 2017

Actor Benjamin Rigby on breaking into Hollywood

After years of juggling a day job and creative aspirations, actor and photographer Benjamin Rigby has a breakout role in blockbuster Alien: Covenant. So will previously closed doors begin to open?

culture May 13, 2017

Pinchgut Opera's Erin Helyard's emotional engagement with Baroque music

Erin Helyard’s fortepiano performances referencing Schubert’s sexuality and syphilis reveal the harpsichord virtuoso and leader of Pinchgut Opera’s strong belief in historical context and personal experience informing musical expression.

dance May 6, 2017

Li Cunxin brings Ben Stevenson’s ‘Swan Lake’ to Queensland

Li Cunxin has waited for the right time to stage Swan Lake at the Queensland Ballet, to be prepared for a visit from his mentor and veteran choreographer Ben Stevenson.

music April 29, 2017

Composer and Oscar winner Hans Zimmer finds new audiences

Composer Hans Zimmer’s monumental soundscapes have won him an Oscar for The Lion King and powered Christopher Nolan’s films, but their rapturous reception at rock music festival Coachella took even him by surprise.

culture April 15, 2017

Author George Saunders on learning about mortality

Acclaimed short fiction author George Saunders – whose debut novel Lincoln in the Bardo deepens his interest in mortality and grief – talks about youth, fame, and the pleasure of every minute in which you’re not dead.

design April 8, 2017

Artist Emily Floyd and her Icelandic Puffins

Whether using toy-like puffins to explore the global financial crisis or woodcut typefaces to examine feminist theory, Emily Floyd’s art is grounded in deep thinking and subtle references.