in progress

in progress May 22, 2021

Tony Albert

Acclaimed Indigenous artist Tony Albert finally has his collections of kitsch objects – which he calls Aboriginalia – all in one place, but his current fascination is with fabrics.

in progress May 15, 2021

Toni Jordan

Last year, author Toni Jordan decided to write fiction full-time, in order to pursue her goal of subverting capitalism by making people feel less miserable. She is editing her sixth book and has started writing the next one.

in progress May 1, 2021

Dan Spielman

Stage and screen actor Dan Spielman has a substantial side hustle as a woodworker and joiner. His workshop practice informs his on-camera work – and vice versa – in fascinating, unexpected ways.

in progress April 24, 2021

Ling Ang

A filmmaker, cinematographer and visual artist, Ling Ang has been documenting her dreams for three years with 3D graphics, installations and now a book.

in progress April 17, 2021

Jane Harrison

Muruwari writer Jane Harrison is best known for her award-winning play Stolen, but her latest project is morphing through several different literary forms.

in progress April 10, 2021

Rhoda Roberts

One of the pioneers of Indigenous presence on screen, Rhoda Roberts has spent her life breaking barriers for First Nations artists. But with her new job, she may finally find some time for her own art.

in progress April 3, 2021

June Jones

Working under lockdown on her new album, while contending with a diagnosis of ADHD, meant a wholly different process for musician June Jones.

in progress March 27, 2021

Ben Salter

Musician Ben Salter is ensconced in a studio at MONA, making music in front of the museum’s patrons as a kind of performance art.

in progress March 20, 2021

Patricia Cornelius

Multi-award-winning playwright Patricia Cornelius is working on an adaptation of her novel about the fallout of the Vietnam War, My Sister Jill – when she’s not gardening.

in progress March 13, 2021

Ursula Dubosarsky

The children’s author Ursula Dubosarsky says books can be like cats, sitting at the back of your mind demanding your attention.

in progress March 6, 2021

Bella Li

The poet and artist Bella Li says that if it weren’t for deadlines – and the inspiration provided by tennis players – she would never finish her work.