opera   December 9, 2023

Pinchgut Opera’s Rinaldo

Pinchgut Opera’s production of one of Handel’s most popular operas, Rinaldo, is swift, ambitious and energetic.

film   December 9, 2023

Marrakech International Film Festival

In the shadow of a devastating earthquake and an all-pervasive war, the 20th Marrakech International Film Festival featured some of the best cinema from Africa and the Middle East.

visual art   December 9, 2023

GOMA’s Fairy Tales

Fairy Tales at Brisbane’s Gallery of Modern Art draws on a rich range of art forms to investigate the enduring fascination of fantasy and folklore.

visual art   December 2, 2023

Nadine Christensen: Around at Buxton Contemporary

Nadine Christensen’s first retrospective exhibition surveys 25 years of a diverse practice.

film   December 2, 2023

Ridley Scott’s Napoleon

Ridley Scott’s epic Napoleon isn’t as bad as his worst films, nor is it as good as his best.

games   December 2, 2023

I Was a Teenage Exocolonist

Northway Games’ I Was a Teenage Exocolonist is a sci-fi visual novel without peer, which powerfully evokes the emotions of adolescence.

festival   November 25, 2023

New York’s Performa Biennial

Performa Biennial takes an open view of performance art, showcasing work that might as easily be dance or theatre for a visual art audience.

music   November 25, 2023

Frost Children and the ‘indie sleaze’ revival

Siblings Lulu and Angel Prost, recording as Frost Children, are among the few who make the historically vague revival ‘indie sleaze’ a real thing.

television   November 25, 2023

The Curse

Nathan Fielder’s new comedy drama, The Curse, takes his work into wilder territory.

middle east   November 25, 2023

Far-right ‘anarcho-capitalist’ wins Argentine presidency

Death toll soars in Ukraine. Chinese sonar incident injures Australian divers. Genocide fears in Sudan.

podcasts   November 18, 2023

Body Electric

The podcast Body Electric seeks to undo many of the physical and mental harms of working with technology.