Maxine Beneba Clarke

september germinates,




                     all sure-quiet-beautiful

and fern and jade unfurl



in furrows dug with fothergill

                      and hope,

with compost care




september breathes,

                      and seeds new life




             floss-pink cherry-bloss

blood bottlebrush



              and at the sunset

                       spring cicadas

form a deafening sonata


                          shedding skin to crisp


                     a spring rebirthing

in the warming

                       evening breeze


oh, september

       brings remembering



of fertile earth

                     and worm


          of chrysalis,

as swooping magpies

                       proud their nests

and cockatoos

squawk fidgeting

                                for fruit



here blooms september,




the ghost of all this earth,

and what we’ve lost

and all we are


and all we stand

                            to lose

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