Maxine Beneba Clarke
something sure

              sit down here now baby,

              stop that fidgeting


listen big,

and understand


mama’s gotta school you

                 ’bout something sure

’fore you grow into a man



     hannah clarke, she died today


we don’t know her from soap,

                                           it’s true


she the one in the papers:

whose ex burn her up

       as she driving the kids to school


(yeh, he pour petrol on three little ones –

and kill them angels too)



    hurts my heart to think on it,

so baby, mama needs to know:


that a good man,

              the man you’ll grow to be,


           can lead a bad man home



d’you know to say

              nah, don’t do that mate


              that’s not fucken right,

you heard her, take your hand off her shoulder

and how ’bout you and i call it a night



i know you’re young,


              and i taught you well

how decent folk behave


but if the time comes,


every woman is your mama,

              when it come to saving



like if she on the street

and he smell like trouble:

       getting right up close

and in her face


or some colleague in the lunch room’s saying

                that damn bitch took my babies


if his veins all popping, fists all clenched

and his eyes are still as death


will you call it out,

or call it in now, baby,

              trust your gut,

and use your head



we women mostly got each other’s backs

              but sometimes busy, just surviving

set up against the acid throwers


locked doors, and petrol fires


and every two minutes

the state is called

to deal with

         domestic violence


but a boy like you

                       could grow

to make a difference



                      if you try



like if he say

              i’m gonna make her pay


a man like you

could remind him


about the time the twins were born

when he came in late;

              could not stop smiling



      man, her back was arched in agony

but she wasn’t screaming ay:

just got our bubs here safely

shit, i won’t forget today



see, hannah and them kids

    died brutal


we don’t know ’em all

                            from soap


but it aches my soul to muse on it

    so babe, your mama needs to know


that a good man,

exactly the man you’ll be,



                   will lead a bad man home 

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