Big Little Lies

Helen Razer
From the designer clothes to the covetable houses to the A-list cast, Big Little Lies is a quality potboiler. But beyond the gloss, the series explores deeper social issues in a refreshingly nuanced way.

Married at First Sight

Helen Razer
You may not learn anything from the lab-coated matchmaking experts of Married at First Sight, but the show captures the reality of today’s dating culture.

Rose Byrne in David Mamet’s ‘Speed-the-Plow’

Steve Dow
After conquering Hollywood, Rose Byrne returns to Australia to take on Mamet for the STC.

ABC TV’s ‘Rosehaven’

Helen Razer
In Rosehaven, Luke McGregor and Celia Pacquola have delivered a comedy comparable to Neil Simon’s The Odd Couple, with the wit to reflect on life’s disappointments without eschewing laughs.

Australia's best TV drama, ‘Offspring’

Helen Razer
At the pinnacle of Australian drama, Offspring presents likeable female leads who can be enjoyed free of moral qualification.

ABC TV’s ‘Cleverman’

Helen Razer
Breaking from TV's tradition of explaining Indigenous causes, the ABC’s sci-fi drama Cleverman makes no attempt to heal or instruct.

Bruna Papandrea’s journey from Elizabeth to Hollywood

Donna Walker-Mitchell
The Australian-born Hollywood producer putting women’s stories at the centre of film and television.

'Secret City' director Emma Freeman

Stephanie Van Schilt
Director Emma Freeman's filmography includes some of Australia’s best-loved TV dramas, but her greatest challenge came at a much earlier age.

ABC TV’s ‘Comedy Showroom’

Helen Razer
The ABC’s sitcom incubator Comedy Showroom includes those who mistakenly believe comedy is a tool to fix the world’s problems or protect our freedoms.

Rake actor Richard Roxburgh's adult themes

Steve Dow
While there might once have been similarities between Rake's Richard Roxburgh and his dissolute character Cleaver Greene, family has grounded the actor.

AMC’s ‘Better Call Saul’

Helen Razer

Breaking Bad prequel Better Call Saul offers the same luminous insights into society’s chinks as its predecessor.

Ascribing meaning to reality TV

Helen Razer
Reality TV shows should be left as an enjoyable way to unwind, instead they’re treated as touchstones for debates that matter.

Arcadia actor Ryan Corr puts personal drama behind him

Steve Dow

Holding the Man star Ryan Corr is following his success on the big screen with a turn on the stage.

Aaron Sorkin on writing Jobs

Paola Totaro
Family man and Hollywood screenwriter Aaron Sorkin made Steve Jobs’ daughter the crux of his forthcoming film about Apple’s co-founder.

Aziz Ansari’s new TV series ‘Master of None’

Helen Razer
Aziz Ansari’s smart and funny new show firmly focuses on the disappointment of commodities.

Tolstoy's Anna Karenina adapted for ‘The Beautiful Lie’

Helen Razer

While the brilliance of Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina may be muddied in this TV adaptation, The Beautiful Lie remains a pleasure.

TV’s new prime-time soap opera ‘Empire’

Helen Razer

Dressed to thrill, the family saga Empire sings from the same song sheet as the fabulously over-the-top prime-time dramas of the 1980s.

Local news satire lacks bite

Helen Razer
As Jon Stewart bows out at the top of America’s rich “fake news” comedy roster, local attempts offer little more than glib cynicism.

Mr Robot’s fresh take on hacking

Helen Razer
A new drama on cyber spying thrillingly – and accurately – up-ends cliché to portray the complex power of information.

History beckons for Banished actor David Wenham

Steve Dow
David Wenham's acting roles have taken him from Middle-earth to a leper colony to, most recently, Botany Bay.

Into the rainbow with the Muppets

Helen Razer
At last the Muppets acknowledge that their humour works best hand in glove with ‘adult’ themes.

The 'kooky' life of Orange Is the New Black's Yael Stone

Michaela McGuire

Orange Is the New Black actor Yael Stone’s “accidental” career is building momentum.

Broad City set to become this decade's Seinfeld

Helen Razer

Broad City offers a welcome step back from comedy focused on self-improvement.

The dark inspiration of American auteur David Lynch

Romy Ash
In Brisbane for an exhibition of his visual art, American auteur David Lynch talks about his sources of creativity.

Q&A's false democracy

Helen Razer

Tony Jones invites Q&A audiences into an illusory democracy, where “representation” belies equality.