television August 13, 2022

Killing It

A masterful comedy series takes the American dream and reveals its human cost in consistently surprising ways.

television July 16, 2022

Irma Vep

Olivier Assayas’s series Irma Vep – a remake of a movie about a remake – is a deliciously witty take on contemporary screen culture.

television July 2, 2022

We Own This City

David Simon’s new series on real-life police corruption, We Own This City, functions as a grim sequel to The Wire.

television May 28, 2022

Stranger Things

Season four of Stranger Things bumps up the gore as it considers the anguish of growing up.

television May 21, 2022

Our Flag Means Death

The genre-busting pirate romance Our Flag Means Death is straight up hilarious – and artistically and emotionally gorgeous.

television April 9, 2022


Few television series have captured the uncanny as elegantly as Dan Erikson’s beautifully realised Severance.

television March 5, 2022


A gripping docuseries about the gruelling sport of cheerleading reveals its subjects’ lives with finely drawn seriousness.

television February 12, 2022

Inventing Anna

A new Netflix show explores the dark side of faking it until you make it in its portrayal of the breathtaking swindles of the ‘SoHo grifter’ Anna Sorokin.

television February 5, 2022

Sort Of

The mess and tenderness of care work drives this thoughtful and underappreciated Canadian sitcom.

television December 18, 2021

How to choose from a streaming smorgasbord

Streaming puts hundreds of thousands of hours of television at our fingertips – but how do we choose what to watch?

television November 13, 2021

The peaks and troughs of pandemic television

Is judging psychopaths from the safety of our living rooms a way of quelling our pandemic fears?