Maxine Beneba Clarke
The Gospel of Peter

 a poem constructed from the words of Peter Dutton



african gangs have taken over the streets,

melburnians are afraid to go out to eat


                                                 and asylum seekers are having


anchor babies … armed with pro bono lawyers

          trying to leverage migration




a hardened criminal population

occupies the detention centre

                 on christmas island




people who need medical services will be displaced:

             australians who are in waiting lines




nauru rape survivors, begging for abortions, they’re

                                    trying it on … [until] they step off the plane



          and climate protesters

should be jailed, until their behaviour changes


take their photos and names,

let their families know

                                      shame them



there is the gospel

as peter proclaimed it

This article was first published in the print edition of The Saturday Paper on October 12, 2019 as "The Gospel of Peter".

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