comedy August 13, 2022

Writer and performer Diana Nguyen

Diana Nguyen, who has just co-adapted Alice Pung’s novel Laurinda for the stage, says laughter is the way through pain.

theatre July 23, 2022

Actor Ewen Leslie

Ewen Leslie’s latest role in Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde questions the duality of the human mind.

dance July 16, 2022

Burlesque performer and director Moira Finucane

Burlesque performer and director Moira Finucane on creating delight as a political act.

comedy July 9, 2022

Writer, theatre-maker and comedian Vidya Rajan

Vidya Rajan’s gift for absurdist comedy has led to a career spanning everything from avant-garde internet performance to mainstream theatre.

theatre July 9, 2022

Top Coat

Michelle Law’s body-swap play, Top Coat, is a fun ride – but don’t look for any real profundities.

theatre June 25, 2022


A new Sydney production of Sarah Kane’s iconic play Cleansed reveals the love that persists beneath the world’s brutality.

theatre June 4, 2022


Daniel Schlusser Ensemble’s first production for almost a decade is a devastating exploration of violence against women.

theatre May 21, 2022

City of Gold

At its heart, Meyne Wyatt’s City of Gold is about a family denied the right to grieve.

theatre May 21, 2022

Playwright, actor and director Elena Carapetis

Playwright, actor and director Elena Carapetis’s latest project brings teenage bad-ass Antigone to the present day.

theatre April 30, 2022


The Melbourne Theatre Company’s SLAP. BANG. KISS. is a step behind the radical generation it is speaking to.

theatre April 30, 2022

Light Shining in Buckinghamshire

Caryl Churchill’s radical dramatic language captures the complexities of moments rich with change.