theatre May 21, 2022

City of Gold

At its heart, Meyne Wyatt’s City of Gold is about a family denied the right to grieve.

theatre May 21, 2022

Playwright, actor and director Elena Carapetis

Playwright, actor and director Elena Carapetis’s latest project brings teenage bad-ass Antigone to the present day.

theatre April 30, 2022


The Melbourne Theatre Company’s SLAP. BANG. KISS. is a step behind the radical generation it is speaking to.

theatre April 30, 2022

Light Shining in Buckinghamshire

Caryl Churchill’s radical dramatic language captures the complexities of moments rich with change.

theatre March 26, 2022

Singer, performer and advocate Robyn Archer

Robyn Archer might now be best known as one of our great cultural advocates, but as a performer she remains an icon.

theatre March 19, 2022

Drag queen Courtney Act

Australia’s most celebrated drag queen, Courtney Act, is now moving to centre stage at the Sydney Theatre Company.

theatre March 19, 2022


Joshua Harmon’s play Admissions has much to say about American white privilege but gives us little time to reflect.

theatre March 12, 2022

Opening Night

Carissa Licciardello’s adaptation of John Cassavetes’ Opening Night at Belvoir offers teasing glimpses of what might have been.

theatre February 19, 2022

The Wider Earth

The Dead Puppet Society’s The Wider Earth is a captivating enactment of Charles Darwin’s discovery of evolution.

theatre January 29, 2022

Triple X

Material aspiration clashes with true romance in Glace Chase’s open-hearted play Triple X.

theatre January 29, 2022

Actor, director and writer Kenneth Branagh

As a working-class boy from Belfast, Kenneth Branagh found Shakespeare the key to a new life.