theatre   November 18, 2023


Queensland Theatre’s production of  Qui Nguyen’s Vietgone considers the long shadow of war on those who suffer through it.

theatre   November 4, 2023

The Dictionary of Lost Words

Sydney Theatre Company’s adaptation of Pip Williams’ best-selling novel The Dictionary of Lost Words is loyal to the book but weighed down by exposition.

theatre   November 4, 2023

Writer Michele Lee

Hmong–Australian writer Michele Lee’s new play, which explores death, ghosts and memory, began with a regular phone call to her parents.

theatre   October 14, 2023

My Sister Jill

Patricia Cornelius’s play My Sister Jill – the story of a family between two wars – creates an other-worldly sense of suspension.

theatre   September 30, 2023

Director Ivo van Hove

Director Ivo van Hove is a titan of contemporary theatre, winning both critical and popular acclaim with works that bring classic texts into vivid contemporary focus.

television   September 23, 2023

Actor Max McKenna

Max McKenna has moved past childhood introversion to self-acceptance and stage success, and is now starring in a historical comedy on SBS TV.

theatre   September 16, 2023

Death of a Salesman

Anthony LaPaglia powerfully portrays a man of crumbling illusions in Neil Armfield’s vital production of Death of a Salesman.

theatre   September 9, 2023

Miss Saigon

 As problematic as some believe Miss Saigon is, the crowd-pleasing Vietnam War-set musical is the only current big-ticket production to showcase Asian talent.

theatre   September 2, 2023

Queensland Theatre’s don’t ask what the bird look like

At Queensland Theatre, Hannah Belanszky’s play don’t ask what the bird look like explores the cost of hiding from past traumas.

theatre   August 19, 2023

Caryl Churchill’s Escaped Alone and What If If Only

The latest staging of two short Caryl Churchill plays is an example of the artform at its best, offering moments of exquisite theatre.

theatre   August 19, 2023

Belvoir St Theatre’s The Weekend

Belvoir St Theatre’s adaptation of Charlotte Wood’s novel The Weekend is a thrilling representation of the heartbreaking mess of living.