Red Stitch Theatre’s ‘Rules for Living’

Peter Craven

In the style of Alan Ayckbourn, Sam Holcroft’s Rules for Living for Red Stitch portrays middle-class disarray at its most engaging.

MTC’s ‘John’

Peter Craven
Sarah Goodes’ MTC production of John features two actors at the height of their powers, in a drama from the master playwright Annie Baker.

The Book of Mormon

Peter Craven
The Book of Mormon, from the creators of South Park, is a blasphemous riot of bad taste, making it a musical not to be missed.

Opera Australia’s Ring cycle

Peter Craven
Neil Armfield’s stark but powerful Ring delivers Wagner’s masterpiece as a triumph of the Australian stage, as good as could be imagined anywhere.

Red Stitch Theatre’s ‘Uncle Vanya’

Peter Craven
Nadia Tass’s production of Uncle Vanya for Red Stitch suffers from some pretensions, but a superb cast does the incomparable Chekhov justice.

Rose Byrne in David Mamet’s ‘Speed-the-Plow’

Steve Dow
After conquering Hollywood, Rose Byrne returns to Australia to take on Mamet for the STC.

‘Switzerland’ at MTC

Peter Craven
Joanna Murray-Smith’s drama about thriller writer Patricia Highsmith’s dying days sequestered in Switzerland is brilliant, sinister entertainment in the Hitchcock mode.

MTC’s ‘Disgraced’

Peter Craven
The brilliance of the MTC’s latest production, Disgraced, completes a trifecta of fine Australian shows.

Malthouse Theatre's ‘Edward II’

Peter Craven
A new production of Marlowe’s classic Edward II strips back the original until what remains is a flat facsimile.

Malthouse Theatre’s ‘The Events’

Peter Craven
A masterful portrayal of the survivor of a mass shooting bears witness to the challenges of faith, healing and compassion.

Bell Shakespeare’s Ray Chong Nee set to tour Othello

Steve Dow
Samoan actor Ray Chong Nee on his heritage, his desire to give back, and his dream for a King Lear of colour.

Arts companies hit hard by Australia Council funding cuts

Steve Dow
The Australia Council’s latest funding cuts have further devastated arts companies.

Rake actor Richard Roxburgh's adult themes

Steve Dow
While there might once have been similarities between Rake's Richard Roxburgh and his dissolute character Cleaver Greene, family has grounded the actor.

MTC’s 'Miss Julie' misfire

Peter Craven
Talented actors are left adrift in MTC's adaptation of Strindberg's masterpiece, 'Miss Julie'.

Playwright Young Jean Lee on Straight White Men

Steve Dow
Korean-American playwright Young Jean Lee has the world’s most privileged social class firmly in her sights.

Sydney Theatre Company director Kip Williams

Romy Ash
A mid-rehearsal chat over a hurried lunch with Kip Williams.

Carolyn Burns and Simon Phillips

Kate Holden
A seat side stage with theatre production pair Carolyn Burns and Simon Phillips.

MTC’s ‘The Distance’

Peter Craven

MTC's The Distance is an enjoyably unpredictable comedy-drama.

New Malthouse artistic director Matthew Lutton

Steve Dow

Malthouse's new artistic director Matthew Lutton again embraces his dark side, bringing Picnic at Hanging Rock to the stage.

Belvoir St Theatre’s Anne-Louise Sarks

Charlotte Wood
A dialogue with director Anne-Louise Sarks.

MTC’s ‘Ladies in Black’

Peter Craven

Ladies in Black, as Aussie as SeaChange or Prisoner, is one of the finer recent attempts at the elusive form of the musical.

Arcadia actor Ryan Corr puts personal drama behind him

Steve Dow

Holding the Man star Ryan Corr is following his success on the big screen with a turn on the stage.

MTC’s ‘Buyer and Cellar’

Peter Craven
MTC falls short in its one-man deconstructive tribute to the incomparable Barbra Streisand.

Theatre Works’ ‘The Bacchae’

Peter Craven
Director Adena Jacobs takes a classic Greek tragedy and sets it free – with an erotic vengeance – in the hands of a troupe of teenage girls.

MTC’s The Weir

Peter Craven

MTC’s production of the supernaturally tinged Irish pub drama The Weir is a slow-burning pleasure.