March 15 – 21, 2014

Tony Abbott meets Jia Qinglin on a visit to China as opposition leader in July 2012.


Abbott government’s uneasy dealings with China

After an initial fumble, and an angry rebuke, the government is preparing to offer Chinese business more than just a free trade agreement.


Cardinal George Pell at the Vatican. This week his witness statement to the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse supported the view that victims should be able to sue the church.


George Pell voices Ellis case "concern" to royal commission

“I felt anxious and unloved and was having angry outbursts. I felt depressed. I felt unable to cope or manage my emotions. – John Ellis”

The statue of Shiva as Lord of the Dance (Nataraja), which was acquired by the NGA in 2008 and remains on display despite the current controversy.


Is the NGA’s ’looted’ Shiva a statue of naivety?

An allegedly stolen bronze has greatly tarnished the reputation of Australia’s National Gallery.


Responsibility for asylum seekers obscured

Government obfuscation in its asylum seeker language leaves detainees in indefinite detention with no way forward or back.


Job figures show youth still struggling

A protester against Russia’s aggression in Ukraine waves an American flag in Lafayette Square, Washington, DC, last week.


US protesters urge Obama to act on Ukraine

US flounders. Gas industry response. Laser changes. Rudd’s long-term plan.


It’s still not easy being Green for Senator Scott Ludlam

A late-night speech to an empty senate gave Scott Ludlam some notoriety online, but will it bring him votes in the West Australian election next month?

Scott Ludlam has used his internet savvy throughout his political career.

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Ross Garnaut
How conservative is the Abbott government’s climate change plan?

“The Abbott government’s plans on climate change appear to make it an outlier among international conservatism.”


Martin McKenzie-Murray
Abortion divides Liberal Party on preselection


Rachel Nolan
Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s legacy moment

Letters, Cartoon & Editorial


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George Pell’s last offering on abuse by the Catholic Church


Worse to come in Indonesia

Hamish McDonald’s observations that Tony Abbott and Julie Bishop would do well to muse on the SBY succession are timely. Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono has overseen some positive reforms in Indonesia which …

Still questions on lobbying company

Congratulations on a fantastic paper. I read it from cover to cover. It was interesting to read Tracey Cain’s statement (‘‘Yes, Senator’’) that her husband resigned …

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Image for article: Inside a Pearl: My Years in Paris

Edmund White
Inside a Pearl: My Years in Paris

Image for article: The Ghost of the Mary Celeste

Valerie Martin
The Ghost of the Mary Celeste

Image for article: Fluid Prejudice

Sam Wallman (ed)
Fluid Prejudice


Image for article: Kate Ratner and Michael Tait’s Alexandria warehouse


Kate Ratner and Michael Tait’s Alexandria warehouse

A decaying warehouse space is transformed into an eclectic family home.

An amateur bullfight during the Carnaval del Toro, in Ciudad Rodrigo, earlier this month.


Bullfighting without matadors in northern Spain

Running with the bulls and the bullish in northern Spain.

Image for article: The great defender: Laura Geitz, 27, netball player


The great defender: Laura Geitz, 27, netball player

The Australian Diamonds captain on why she nearly quit netball.

The Quiz

1. Name the three Australian medal winners at the Sochi Winter Olympics. (Bonus points for naming the events and medal colours.)
2. Who is directing Star Wars: Episode VII, the latest instalment in the Star Wars franchise, which is due for release in 2015?
3. In which decade did Bangladesh declare independence from Pakistan?
4. Name the latest novel by Eat, Pray, Love author Elizabeth Gilbert?
5. What type of fruit has varieties that include Imperial, Murcott and Fremont?
6. Marissa Mayer is the president and CEO of which American multinational internet corporation?
7. In a traditional game of mahjong, each of the four players begins the game with how many tiles (with an additional tile going to the dealer).
8. What is Valentina Tereshkova’s main claim to fame?
9. Which Canadian-born Hollywood actress publicly announced she is gay at a conference in Las Vegas last month?
10. In which field of the arts is Englishman Henry Moore best known?

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“Do you know a footballer by the name of Balotelli?’’

Azharuddin Abdul RahmanThe Malaysian civil aviation chief tries to describe the appearance of men travelling on stolen Austrian and Italian passports aboard missing Malaysia Airlines flight 370. Mario Balotelli is an AC Milan striker known for his flamboyant appearance.


“The truth is, occasionally, yes.”

Tony AbbottThe prime minister answers a question on Perth’s Nova FM about whether he reads on the toilet. The West Australian election will in part determine the future of this country.


“It’s my belief that the design of the New Zealand flag symbolises a colonial and post-colonial era whose time has passed.”

John KeyThe New Zealand prime minister postponing a referendum on the ensign originally slated to coincide with a general election this year.


“I thought this is going to be a great shot, and all of sudden it propped on its front and started stabbing wildly, hundreds of strikes in a few seconds.”

Justin Lyons The cameraman recalls Steve Irwin’s last moments. He said the stingray barb that killed Irwin “went through his chest like hot butter”.


“Troy has had a turbulent career —tragically maybe it all became too much.”

Colin BarnettThe WA premier explains that he has accepted his treasurer’s resignation as Troy Buswell remains under medical care for a breakdown.


‘‘Gillard effectively offered me Denison for keeps in mid-2011.”

Andrew WilkieThe Tasmanian independent reveals in a long essay one of the former prime minister’s strategies for shoring up a hung parliament.