March 22-28, 2014


ASIO director David Irvine.


Noorullah Sakhizada, left, is among 4000 Afghans waiting for resettlement in West Java.
Senator Sinodinos speaks in the chamber late last year. On Wednesday, he announced he would stand aside as assistant treasurer until ICAC completes its investigations.
“Don’t believe those who try to frighten you with Russia …”: Vladimir Putin delivers his statement to the Duma on Tuesday.


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Tearing up forest deal no help to anyone


Going in circles on asylum seekers

Thank you David Corlett for your article ‘‘Trapped in limbo’’, March  15-21, concerning asylum seekers and their impossible dilemma. Their situation is the …

Secularism needs protecting

Martin McKenzie-Murray fails to appreciate the position of people like me “who disagree with religion entirely” (‘‘Forming a disorderly Kew’’, March 15-21). As an …

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Prisoner X, Rafael Epstein

Rafael Epstein
Prisoner X

Image for article: The Sea and Civilization

Lincoln Paine
The Sea and Civilization

Arctic Summer, Damon Galgut

Damon Galgut
Arctic Summer


Image for article: Dan Honey and Paul Fuog’s city apartment


Dan Honey and Paul Fuog’s city apartment

A minimalist approach and clever design help a young family win the space race.

Dorian P.S. Nakamoto, this month forced to deny he is the mysterious “Satoshi Nakamoto”, the founder of Bitcoin.


How Bitcoin didn’t count on human frailty

The crypto-anarchic digital currency Bitcoin is based on a flawless technology that human nature couldn’t help but ruin. Does it prove regulation is the only way?

Image for article: Twenty20 vision: Brad Hodge, 39, cricketer


Twenty20 vision: Brad Hodge, 39, cricketer

Brad Hodge discusses representing Australia again in the World Twenty20 tournament in Bangladesh.

The Quiz

1. Name Australia’s Chief of the Defence Force.
2. Vanilla is harvested from a species belonging to which plant family?
3. Don Bradman was out for a duck in his last Test innings in: (a) 1948, (b) 1950, or (c) 1952? (Bonus points for naming which ground he was dismissed at and how many runs he needed to end his career with a Test batting average of 100.)
4. Italian artist Tintoretto painted during which period?
5. Which company this month signed a $70 million deal to supply Woolworths with Australian-grown canned fruit?
6. The World Heritage-listed archaeological site of Carthage is located in which country?
7. Tasmanian senator-elect Jacqui Lambie is a member of which political party?
8. Who, according to US website’s annual rich list, was the music industry’s highest earner for 2013?
9. Australia’s most prestigious literary award is named after which author?
10. The smallest bone in the human body is located where?

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“They are currently rolling out repeats. No one until right now has noticed.’’

Andrew O’Keefe

The television host talks openly on the cancellation of his afternoon game show, Deal or No Deal.


“So you were asked to cost this over two days, not tell your colleagues and not contact industry?”

Keith WilsonCounsel assisting the royal commission into the pink batts program asks about the weekend planning of a $2.8 billion scheme that was blamed for four deaths and hundreds of house fires. Department of Environment assistant secretary Mary Wiley-Smith was succinct in her reply: “Correct.”


“This is an enormous search area.”

Hishammuddin HusseinMalaysia’s acting transport minister announces the area being scoured for missing flight MH370 now reaches to 7.7 million square kilometres (2.24 million square nautical miles) – a footprint roughly the size of Australia.


“Messi makes me realise how shit I was.”

Gary LinekerEngland’s second-highest goal scorer describes the feeling of watching the Argentinian soccer wizard.


‘‘We spent many wonderful years together and had made a great life for ourselves.”

Mick JaggerThe Rolling Stones’ frontman responds to the apparent suicide of his partner, the designer and model L’Wren Scott. The band cancelled their Australian tour in the wake of her death.