Minor-party senators need deft negotiation

“They cannot take me totally for granted — David Leyonhjelm”

The government’s agenda hinges on the crossbench from the WA senate election re-run. A report on its poor attempts to negotiate.



Hunting Australia’s neo-Nazis

“We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.”

Amid death threats and bungled attempts to out him, one man refuses to let go of his perilous mission.


The symbolism of whale hunting

Australia, which helped stop Japan’s so-called scientific research on whales, now tries to seal a free trade agreement.


The fracking industry’s PR blitz

The oil and gas industry is waging a PR campaign to counter public concerns about hydraulic fracturing. It extends to recruitment in school classrooms.


Who votes for Clive Palmer?

Amid signs the vote for Clive Palmer’s party is dropping, a picture of his mainstay supporters is emerging.


Philippines stands up to might of China

Minnow flexes muscle; Obama red-faced; billionaire backing; Australia’s Antarctica claims; Japanese submarines may return to our seas.

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First-home buyers face a difficult future

Property ownership; the latest health check of Network Ten.



David Marr
David Marr on race, votes and free speech

“Howard was a master of the art of staying this side of the contemptible, always so carefully disguising what he was about: 'We will decide who comes to this country...' ”


Hamish McDonald
Abbott and Abe to influence US decision on TPP


Clem Bastow
Bible bashing

Letters, Cartoon & Editorial



Climate warnings falling on deaf ears


Look to Merkel’s Germany

Senator Abetz’s assertion (Sophie Morris, “The Queen’s Guard”, March 29-April 4) that his royalist views are an appropriate response to the disastrous course of German …

Dumping is the problem

Thank you for the article on the Great Barrier Reef. However, I wish to expand on the point: “He said the dredged material would not be toxic.” In many respects this is irrelevant. Sand is not …

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Rhubarb, rhubarb, rhubarb

Treated sweetly, rhubarb delivers great desserts.


Craig Sherborne
Tree Palace

Jeff Bauman

Val McDermid
Northanger Abbey



Apps that guide living as a quantified self

Can statistical analysis about our habits and moods provide tools for better living? The Quantified Self movement is counting on it.


Ozzie Wright and Mylee Grace Fitzgerald’s Newport home

Surf’s always up at this epitome of Aussie digs.


The hard hitter: Bec Rawlings, 25, mixed martial arts

Describing herself as an "inflictor of ridiculously stylish violence", Bec Rawlings is the first Australian female fighter to sign with the Invicta Fighting Championships.

The Quiz

1. Which actor links the films Seven, Superman Returns and Margin Call?
2. The troops of which nation were defeated in the Battle of Dien
Bien Phu?
3. The leader of an orchestra plays which instrument?
4. Where were the 2010 Winter Olympics held?
5. The Malaysian Airlines flight that mysteriously disappeared last month bore what number?
6. Name the US National Security Agency’s former contractor turned whistleblower who is currently avoiding arrest in a secret location
in Russia.
7. The Earth’s atmosphere mainly comprises which gas? (Bonus points for naming the three other key gases.)
8. Name the 1940 animated film that was produced by Walt Disney and, in one segment, features Mickey Mouse as an aspiring magician.
9. The term “taikonauts” is given to space travellers from which country?
10. Which Australian author of the novels Johnno and Ransom recently celebrated his 80th birthday?

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We did not have investor relations with that company.

Moses ObeidThe son of disgraced former NSW MP Eddie Obeid gives what he calls the “Bill Clinton answer” during an ICAC hearing into his involvement with a company called Australian Water Holdings.


It was a very cordial conversation. I was grateful that the president gave me so much of his time. It was about a 20-minute conversation.

Tony AbbottThe prime minister recalls his conversation with acting Egyptian president Adly Mansour, lobbying for the release of Australian journalist Peter Greste.


Our printers are in China and in India and we work to their rules. I absolutely would not call it censorship.

Walter Beyleveldt The managing director of Reader’s Digest Australia explains why pulling an L.A. Larkin novel because Chinese printers would not print the words “Falun Gong” and “torture” is not censorship.


If they have acted as registered informer since 1996 and proceeded to represent people, people will be asking, ‘Have I been compromised?’

Rob StaryThe lawyer who represented Tony Mokbel questions the ethics of “Lawyer X”, who has apparently worked as both a criminal lawyer and police informant.


The reason it feels like the media battle is being waged as though it’s winner takes all is because that’s exactly what it is.

Mark ScottThe ABC chairman talks about the power of News Corp and the assertiveness of its mastheads in his address “New Journalism for a New Public”.


It’s hardly hyperbole to build that into the title.

Daniel Scharf

The producer defends the working title for his John Howard biopic, Man of Steel, which has garnered Hollywood backing and rumours Philip Seymour Hoffman was to play the title role before his death. Russell Crowe was reportedly filling the five-foot breach before it was revealed as an April Fools’ joke.