April 19 – 25, 2014


Former prime minister Kevin Rudd.


Oscar Pistorius, national hero, accused murderer. His trial has been adjourned until May 5.
Victoria Cross recipient Mark Donaldson and RSL NSW president Don Rowe march in the 2010 Anzac Day parade in Sydney.
Barry O’Farrell, who resigned as NSW premier on Wednesday.
Joko Widodo, of the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle, might have to find a running partner.


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Bowing out a blow to reform


Packer’s smoky empire

“What James Packer wants, James Packer tends to get” (Mike Seccombe, “The Crown prince of Sydney Harbour”, April 12-18). A prime example of this is Packer’s plan …

Navy boats built to act

John Birmingham’s article (“The boats that really stopped”, April 12-18) perpetuates the myth that RAN vessel design and construction standards are higher than those for commercial vessels. …

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Image for article: John A. Scott's N

John A. Scott
John A. Scott’s N

Image for article: The Undesirables: Inside Nauru

Mark Isaacs
The Undesirables: Inside Nauru

Image for article: Galveston

Nic Pizzolatto


The BICEP2 telescope (foreground) at the South Pole.


The imprints of the beginning of our universe

An incredible discovery finally offers evidence of how the Big Bang gave birth to our universe.

Image for article: Spring bulbs


Spring bulbs

Despite the regal appearance of spring flowering bulbs, their simple cultivation makes them a common pleasure.

Image for article: The lionheart: Alex Leapai, 34, boxer


The lionheart: Alex Leapai, 34, boxer

The first Australian boxer to challenge for the unified heavyweight title since 1908.

The Quiz

1. Which Australian city is home to the historic Fannie Bay Gaol?
2. Who was the first person to become a Knight of the Order of Australia?
3. The nine daughters of Zeus and Mnemosyne, who personify knowledge of the arts, are collectively known as what?
4. Which F1 driver won the 2014 Malaysian and Bahrain grands prix?
5. The bolivar is the unit of currency of which South American country?
6. In computer terminology DOS
stands for?
7. Who wrote The Hunger Games trilogy of adventure novels?
8. Name the largest borough in area of New York City. (Bonus points for naming the four other boroughs.)
9. The acronym APEC stands for …
10. Which television host recently announced he is preparing to retire from the Late Show in 2015?

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“I suspect George’s first word might be bilby. Only because koala is harder to say.”

Prince WilliamThe Duke of Cambridge responds to news a marsupial at Taronga Zoo will be named in his son’s honour. The statement, indeed this week’s entire royal visit, distinctly lacked his grandfather’s trademark wit abroad.


“Let me not mince my words, madam. An entirely unjustified smear, and frankly I think you should withdraw that.”

Tony AbbottThe prime minister upbraids journalist Nicola Berkovic for asking him about dealing with a “corrupt” NSW government.


‘‘I guess it’s time to go underwater.”

Angus Houston The former defence force chief concedes that the batteries for MH370’s black box are likely drained, and so the search shifts to the ocean floor.


“The band will continue to make music.”

AC/DCMembers of the group issue a statement dispelling rumours they have split up. But they confirmed founding guitarist Malcolm Young has taken leave to deal with an unnamed illness.


“We apologise for an inappropriate image recently shared as a link in one of our responses. We’ve removed the tweet and are investigating.”

US AirwaysThe airline addresses an image of a woman cavorting with a model plane, tweeted in response to a passenger’s complaint.


‘‘It is a blow to progressive voters that I would be replaced in the senate by someone who I have known for many years to be deeply homophobic, to be anti-choice, and has recently emerged disloyal to the very party he has been elected to represent.”

Louise PrattThe WA senator concedes defeat, and unleashes on Joe Bullock.