The next Stolen Generation

“I’m not saying there’s not need for these services, but you’ve got to work with the families to deal with this issue, not rip them apart.”

Almost 10 per cent of black children are in state care, and 1000 are taken from their parents each year.



Exposing privileged trading

How two uni mates ended up at the centre of a multimillion-dollar insider trading scandal.


Motor lobby to fight budget’s highway robbery

Interest groups emerge at budget time to take the government to task. Joe Hockey’s fuel excise increase finds the motorist lobby gearing up for a fight.


The silence on Manus Island

“What the company had perhaps not anticipated is that the assault would come from people breaking in, not breaking out.”

Amid false reports and an official policy of evasion, the public is being kept in the dark about the murderous violence at the Manus Island detention centre.


Malcolm Fraser: the dour optimist

For a time, it seemed he would be, like Nixon, remembered for a single sensational act. But Malcolm Fraser’s rebirth as a passionate libertarian now sees him back in public life.


Getting caught between the global superpowers

Malcolm Fraser's call to step back from US alliance a welcome prompt for rethinking our Pacific engagement

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Housing should not be left to states: HIA

Housing should not be left to states, says HIA. All quiet on the home front. Burgernomics not better with Coke. Leighton takeover makes final stage.



James Brown
Dream homes

“Real estate is a part of the conversation growing up ... It’s a hunt, a game of musical chairs, but it feels like the music stopped some time back in the 1980s.”


Wayne Swan
The ideology driving the Abbott government’s first budget

“I feel ill every time our blueblood treasurer calls our social security system a 'cargo net'”


Jenny Hayward-Jones
Wisdom from the Solomon Islands

Letters, Cartoon & Editorial



Budget’s lifting also separates


Shining a light in the darkest of places

I’d like to thank Martin McKenzie-Murray for the honesty and insight on such a challenging topic (“Inside the mind of a paedophile”, May 10-16). My husband was a …

Fighter with no vision

Nick Feik labels Tony Abbott as a dilettante (“An unserious man”, May 10-16). Laura Tingle of The Australian Financial Review once described him as “the hollow man”. To me, the most …

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The universal pleasure of roasting duck at home.


Liam Pieper
The Feel-Good Hit of the Year

Emily Bitto
The Strays

Meredith Burgmann [ed.]
Dirty Secrets: Our ASIO Files

Lydia Davis
Can’t and Won’t



Life on Ascension Island

On Ascension Island, a speck in the middle of the South Atlantic, even the locals are far from home. To survive, its international workers seek common ground.


Ethical dilemmas in the fashion world

On the one hand, workers’ rights are being protected; on the other, their source of employment may be being destroyed. Meanwhile, the debate rages.


Speed demon: Jamie Whincup, 31, V8 Supercars driver

Australian motorsport great Jamie Whincup on how much he hates to lose.

The Quiz

1. Florence is the capital of which Italian region?
2. The counting system that uses only 0 and 1 is called…?
3. Which Shakespeare character utters the line: “It is a tale/ Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,/ Signifying nothing.”
4. Name the American architect whose philosophy was best exemplified by his design for Fallingwater (1935).
5. Alfred E. Neuman is the fictitious mascot and cover boy of which humour magazine?
6. Which actor links the films Mermaids, Spice World, Hook and Snow White and the Huntsman?
7. Which two soccer teams contested the recent 2014 A-League grand final?
8. Name the founder of Meriton apartments, Australia’s sixth-richest person, according to the 2013 BRW Rich List. (Bonus points for naming the top three people on the list).
9. Handed a life ban and $US2.5 million fine by the NBA for his racist remarks, Donald Sterling is the owner of which US basketball team?
10. The Battle of Stalingrad was a major conflict in which war?

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I’m a great salesman. First I sold insurance, then garbage bins, then paint and paintbrushes, and now – the budget.

Ron BoswellThe Nationals senate leader getting into the budget spirit on Monday.


Eurovision showed supporters of European integration their European future: a bearded girl.

Dmitry RogozinRussia’s deputy prime minister expresses surprise that Austrian drag artist Conchita Wurst could win in the once ruggedly heterosexual world of Eurovision. Forget Greece, this is Europe’s real problem.


At one point, Solange smacks Jay with her purse ... spilling the contents all over the floor of the elevator.

TMZThe gossip website reports on love lost in an elevator between Jay Z and sister-in-law Solange Knowles, a one-sided brawl mercifully contained by a bodyguard the size of a phone booth.


I went a bit sleepy. I’ve had about 38 interviews today, roughly.

Clive PalmerThe elected member of parliament – repeat: elected member of parliament – explains why his eyes were closed and his chin was resting on his stomach during question time.


It’s a sad thing to see people in your circumstances in this court.

Clare FarnanThe magistrate confirms courts are not for successful people, sentencing Olympian Geoff Huegill and his wife, Sara Hills, to six-month good behaviour bonds for cocaine possession. Huegill said he would struggle to explain the crime to his daughters. Which makes sense: they are aged two and four months.


The families deserve to know this. They have borne the brunt of this.

Kevin RuddThe two-time former prime minister fronts the royal commission into his government’s home insulation scheme. Instead of answering questions on oversight, he asks a few, and then appeals for clarity for the relatives of people who died during the scheme.