May 24 - 30, 2014


Premier Campbell Newman, right, visits a mine in north Queensland.


Detail of Rupert Bunny’s Girl in Sunlight, c.1913.
Democratic Labour Party senator John Madigan speaks during senate question time.
Narendra Modi is set to lead India for the BJP after his election victory.


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How did PM Tony Abbott get the budget so wrong?


Fraser still fights for free enterprise

Mike Seccombe’s account of Malcolm Fraser’s political softening (“The dour optimist”, May 17-23) toys with the idea that this reflects Fraser’s “true …

The politics of fear

Time certainly does heal old wounds, as illustrated by Mike Seccombe’s article. With Gough Whitlam, no less, finding it difficult to find a point of differentiation between his beliefs and those of Malcolm …

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Image for article: Fish pie


Fish pie

Want a dependable, welcoming dish that always delivers? Try fish pie.


Image for article: No Place to Hide

Glenn Greenwald
No Place to Hide

Image for article: 18 Days

Scott Bridges
18 Days

Image for article: Captives

Angela Meyer


Image for article: Second world problems


Second world problems

As we build new worlds to inhabit online, such as Minecraft and Second Life, can we avoid re-creating the problems of our real lives?

Image for article: George Calombaris and March Studio reincarnate The Press Club


George Calombaris and March Studio reincarnate The Press Club

With George Calombaris’s favourite painting as its starting point, March Studio has created a stately golden space for the new Press Club.

Image for article: Front and centre: Tameka Butt, 22, soccer player


Front and centre: Tameka Butt, 22, soccer player

As the Australian women's soccer team gets set to face Japan in the 2014 Asian Cup decider, we talk to Matildas midfielder Tameka Butt.

The Quiz

1. The acronym ASADA stands for…?
2. Kronenbourg beer comes from which country? (Bonus points for naming which countries Asahi, Steinlager, Stella Artois and Corona are brewed in.)
3. Who was made Empress of India in 1877?
4. From which Australian town did Japanese prisoners of war stage a breakout in August 1944?
5. Which artist, born in 1887 in present-day Belarus, painted works featuring a violin-playing goat and a cow holding an umbrella?
6. Who is the Roman goddess of peace?
7. Who is credited with having written Profiles in Courage, a 1957 Pulitzer Prize-winning volume of short biographies?
8. Who stars in the title role of Maleficent, in Disney’s new take on the Sleeping Beauty fairytale?
9. Which rank, along with bishops and archbishops, is in the upper echelon of the Roman Catholic Church, directly below the Pope?
10. Which herb starting with ‘t’ acts as the main flavouring component of a traditional Béarnaise sauce?


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“The point of the story is that sometimes you’ve got to throw a punch to be the best and fairest.”

Tony AbbottThe prime minister, who definitely did not punch a wall either side of a young woman’s head at university, explains how he was once rewarded on the rugby field for biffing an opponent.


“The concept of aspiration … ends in 2017.”

David GonskiThe architect of Labor’s education funding reforms explains why more than just the walls of universities should be fearful of this prime minister.


“I will do my best, having made a mistake yesterday, to make none today.”

Tony AbbottThe same prime minister confesses he regrets winking during a radio phone call from a 67-year-old pensioner who had resorted through hardship to working as a phone sex line operator. He won’t do it again.


“We have different coloured eyes, different figures, I have a totally different style than she does.”

Gabi GreckoGeoffrey Edelsten’s new girlfriend, only 47 years his junior, expresses surprise she has been likened to former wife Brynne Edelsten. They are completely different women, although they both have an affection for glittery cadavers.


“A tragic assault on human freedom.”

Goodluck JonathanThe Nigerian president condemns terrorist bombings linked to Boko Haram, the extremist group responsible for the kidnapping of 300 girls last month.


“I’ve always said families should be kept out of the front line.”

Tony AbbottThe prime minister explains why his daughter’s $60,000 design school scholarship, absent from his register of pecuniary interests, should not be scrutinised. It’s only fair, given the protection afforded to families on the front line of the budget.