July 26 - Aug 1, 2014


Attorney-General George Brandis.


Several asylum seekers from the Xa Quê Hu’o’ng soccer team are now on the run.
Australian ambassador to the UN Gary Quinlan, flanked by aides.
South Korean president Park Geun-hye with Xi Jinping on the Chinese president’s July visit.


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Statesman caprice


Abbott writing the scripts as well

Mike Seccombe revealingly highlights the CVs of Tony Abbott’s right-wing old cronies appointed to head various boards and commissions (“Right across the boards”, July …

Living in denial

I was disappointed to find, in the midst of an otherwise illuminating article by Mike Seccombe (“Abbott stacking an ideologue pile”, July 19-25), the term “climate sceptics”, that nugget …

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Image for article: Here Come the Dogs

Omar Musa
Here Come the Dogs

Image for article: Demokrasi

Hamish McDonald

Image for article: Demons

Wayne Macauley


Image for article: Penang curry with quick pickled cucumbers


Penang curry with quick pickled cucumbers

A wintry Penang curry pick-you-up, with oxtail.

Image for article: Climbing with tigers at Bhutan's Taktshang Goemba


Climbing with tigers at Bhutan’s Taktshang Goemba

Perched above the forests of Bhutan, the Tiger’s Nest Monastery offers determined tourists the chance to ascend to a higher spiritual plane.

Image for article: Are Soylent's square meals a bit hard to swallow?


Are Soylent’s square meals a bit hard to swallow?

A Silicon Valley company claims it can solve world hunger and obesity with just an oily thickshake. 

The Quiz

1. In which city did this year’s Tour de France begin?
2. Which actress links the films Mean Girls, The Family Stone and State of Play?
3. The liqueur Kirsch has the flavour of which fruit? (Bonus points for naming the flavour of Chambord, Kahlúa, Cointreau and Frangelico.)
4. Gout is a type of arthritis characterised by high levels of what in the blood?
5. Name the highest city in Australia.
6. What is the name given to a style of Japanese comic books and graphic novels,  aimed at adults as well as children, and featuring highly stylised art?
7. What was the other occupation of writer and Sherlock Holmes creator Sir Arthur Conan Doyle?
8. What is the codename given to the police investigation into sexual offences by British media personality Jimmy Savile and others?
9. Zaha Hadid is well known for her work in which field?
10. Beleaguered Espirito Santo Bank is which nation’s second-largest lender?

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“They must have heaps of cash and they’ve got to have a package between their legs, let’s be honest.”

Jacqui LambieThe Tasmanian senator explains her perfect man, who helpfully calls into the breakfast radio show where she is talking and offers that he is hung “like a donkey”.


“Med Board carries out dirty little midnight political de-registration.”

Philip NitschkeThe euthanasia advocate (nee doctor) marks his suspension by the Medical Board of Australia over his involvement in the suicide of a 45-year-old who was not terminally ill. The board believes he “presents a serious risk to public health and safety”.


“You are a disgraceful person to even mention that of someone who is dead. God rest his soul.”

Roberta WilliamsAt yet another underworld inquest, Carl Williams’ widow responds poorly to the suggestion her crime boss husband was a “disgraceful and despicable” person.


“Approximately three hours outside during the day in natural light for meals.”

Australian governmentA document filed in the High Court explains the conditions in which 157 asylum seekers are being detained on a Customs hulk at sea.


“Prince George was very lively and very sure of himself and confident – a very determined young boy.”

– John StillwellThe photographer who took the first public pictures of Prince “Boy” George walking on his first birthday explains the stoicism of our future ruler.


“I never thought I’d be able to stand in the Celtic Board Room in front of the trophy case... with no pants.”

Rod StewartThe tuneful leather good muses backstage at the Commonwealth Games opening ceremony, held at his favourite football club’s stadium. Photographic evidence of his pantlessness was duly released.