August 2 – 8, 2014


The Minister for Employment, Eric Abetz.


The smouldering wreckage site  of Malaysia Airlines MH17.
Clive Palmer with his PUP senators: (from left) Dio Wang, Jacqui Lambie and Glenn Lazarus.
Smoke rising over Gaza after shelling by Israel last week.


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Suffer the children


Disparity in MH17 response 

Your editorial writer detects something “statesmanlike” in Tony Abbott’s response to the downing of MH17 (“Statesman caprice”, July 26- August 1). This tragic …

Wise words from political master

Great to see Tony Windsor contributing to The Saturday Paper (“Why Hockey’s rhetoric doesn’t stick”, July 26-August 1). His succinct and balanced summary of the reasons for …

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Image for article: Lime and vanilla bean tart


Lime and vanilla bean tart

Looking for something soft and giving? Then try this tart with a heart.


Image for article: Hell-Bent

Douglas Newton

Image for article: Harry’s Last Stand

Harry Leslie Smith
Harry’s Last Stand

Image for article: To Rise Again at a Decent Hour

Joshua Ferris
To Rise Again at a Decent Hour


Image for article: The long road to freeing the world of HIV/AIDS


The long road to freeing the world of HIV/AIDS

Antiretroviral drugs have been successful in holding HIV at bay. But the quest for an AIDS-free generation has a long way to go.

Image for article: Flight of fancy as butterflies re-emerge in high fashion


Flight of fancy as butterflies re-emerge in high fashion

This season’s metamorphosis of the butterfly from tacky tattoo to high fashion proves image is everything.

Image for article: Straight shooter: Jeremy Cameron, 21, AFL player


Straight shooter: Jeremy Cameron, 21, AFL player

He's a rising star of the AFL, but Jeremy Cameron's 2014 season has been cruelly cut short by injury.

The Quiz

1. Where is the human body are the lachrymal glands located?
2. Who was the United States’ first female African-American secretary of state?
3. Keira Knightley and Mark Ruffalo star in the latest film from Once writer-director John Carney. What is its name? (Bonus points for naming the male and female stars of Once.)
4. Bouillabaisse had humble beginnings as a soup cooked by fishermen in which French port?
5. The Sesame Street character Grover has what colour fur?
6. What is the collective noun for a group of finches?
7. Does Tanzania lie to the north or south of Kenya?
8. In February 1958, a flight carrying players and officials from which English soccer team crashed during take-off at an airport in West Germany?
9. Which organisation’s name is, in Arabic, an acronym for the Islamic Resistance Movement?
10. Who was Australia’s flag-bearer at the opening ceremony of the Glasgow Commonwealth Games?


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“I’m actually quite offended by these statements.”

Martin BowlesThe immigration department secretary responds to evidence at the Australian Human Rights Commission’s inquiry into children in detention that conditions in centres are designed to “break” asylum seekers.


“Just a bit of fun would have been to give her the police cap and have a photo taken like that. That would have been fun.”

Dawn CrichlowThe Gold Coast city councillor, who knows what fun is, expresses dismay at the AFP officer photographed pretending to arrest singer Lily Allen.


“On any interpretation of the multiple vouchers ... there is not one day the vouchers reflect the travel undertaken.”

Lorraine WalkerThe ACT chief justice finds former speaker Peter Slipper inappropriately used parliamentary taxi vouchers to visit wineries. She is silent on the appropriateness of the RoboCop sunglasses he wore to court.


“They’re just metal birds, dear. Bunnings sells them, attached to a Gardman Antique Hanging Bird Feeder, for only $20.99.”

Tim BlairThe conservative columnist parses Tracey Emin’s sculpture for Sydney, The Distance of Your Heart, proving his taste in garden ornaments is as poor as his taste in art.


“The critics of business, the mining industry and profits, I don’t see them pegging tenements as all Australians can.”

Gina RinehartAustralia’s richest woman complains again that Australian working conditions should be more like those of Guinea. Familial litigation is also presumably better in the tiny republic.


“A bit shit.”

Usain BoltThe Jamaican sprinter reportedly dismisses the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, although he is quick to deny he said this. He is also alleged to have said “the Olympics were better”, which is self-evident.