August 23 - 29, 2014


James Hird addresses his players during  a 2012 game.


Sydney Lord Mayor Clover Moore.
Treasurer Joe Hockey is still under pressure over the budget.
Sheep farmer Phillip Ried, with wild dogs trapped and killed on his property.
A man in Ferguson, Missouri, dons a gas mask during protests over the fatal shooting of an unarmed black teenager by a white policeman.


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Calculated diversion


All suffering is equally worthy

Shakira Hussein is right to argue that many people living with severe illness and/or disability are discriminated against by being denied the level of services needed for a self-directed life …

Bring clarity to the definitions

I have just attended the International Conference on End of Life: Law, Ethics, Policy and Practice in Brisbane. This was not the end-of-life-care perspective I was anticipating. The major speakers …

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Image for article: This House of Grief

Helen Garner
This House of Grief

Image for article: The Snow Kimono

Mark Henshaw
The Snow Kimono

Image for article: The Falcon Throne

Karen Miller
The Falcon Throne


Image for article: Enjoy the fruits of tomato-growing labour


Enjoy the fruits of tomato-growing labour

Join the ranks of the fearless fighting rot and rain to nurture a nightshade – the tomato.

Image for article: Social media for appy couples


Social media for appy couples

A new wave of social media apps is aimed at enhancing romantic relationships, like a Facebook for two.

Image for article: High society: Liz Cambage, 23, basketballer


High society: Liz Cambage, 23, basketballer

Australian Opals star Liz Cambage on social media, homesickness and the pressure of expectation.

The Quiz

1. Scarlett Johansson shot to prominence playing Kristin Scott Thomas’s daughter in what film?
2. Recollections of a Bleeding Heart is a portrait of which Australian prime minister?
3. Which high-profile swimming event is currently being held on the Gold Coast?
4. By what name was the Indian city Chennai formerly known?
5. The acronym MONA, for the Tasmanian art museum, stands for…
6. Bright’s disease affects which part of the human body?
7. Southern right, sei and minke are all types of…?
8. Which video game company launched the Pokémon franchise?
9. Which two vegetables traditionally feature in the Irish dish colcannon?
10. Name the Thai baby boy recently at the centre of a surrogacy adoption scandal.

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“They weren’t fighting over me.”

Miranda KerrThe model dismisses theories she was the subject of James Packer’s street brawl with David Gyngell. She also explicitly denies a relationship with Packer, sounding slightly like a conspiracy theorist: “I know the truth. I am single.”


“The problem was that the former state Labor government, because of a predicament it found itself in, introduced laws banning donations from developers.”

Tony AbbottThe prime minister explains the real issue with Liberal MPs collecting bags of dirty money in NSW.


“I will not go into the details, except to say that the allegation was untrue and abhorrent.”

Bill ShortenThe opposition leader responds to news a police investigation has cleared him of a rape allegation dating to a 1986 Young Labor camp.


“I’m saying that because they’re communist, they shoot their own people, they haven’t got a justice system and they want to take over this country.”

Clive PalmerThe Chinese-backed mining magnate whose largest mine is called China First and who is having a replica of the Titanic built in China explains his view of the Chinese.


“Leonardo did lots of naked children.”

Antonia SymeThe director of the Australian Tapestry Workshop, giving expert testimony in the child porn case arising from Paul Yore works in which the heads of children were pasted onto the bodies of naked men, answers the immortal question, What if “Leonardo da Vinci made child porn?”


“Justice will bring peace, I believe.”

Lesley McSpaddenThe mother of Michael Brown, whose shooting by police has sparked protests in Ferguson, Missouri, calls for the prosecution of his killer. Brown’s crimes included being 18, black and unarmed.