August 30 - September 5, 2014


Cardinal George Pell arrives at the Vatican.


Murdered mother-of-three Allison Baden-Clay.
Frank Bainimarama meeting supporters in Auckland during his tour this month of Fijian expat populations.
Protesting workers from Macau’s major casinos march past Casino Lisboa this week.


Letters, Cartoon & Editorial


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George Pell and the Catholic Church’s cross to bear on child abuse


No vision, just destruction

Mike Seccombe’s analysis of the “Get Clover” plot (“How to kill off a lord mayor”, August 23-29). has highlighted the sheer gall and hypocrisy of her opponents. As …

Business as usual

Many City of Sydney residents are complaining about the changes to the voting system at the next council election. They only have themselves to blame. Their inability to cast their vote the way Alan Jones, News …

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Image for article: Broad bean salad


Broad bean salad

Broadly speaking, there's no finer bean.


Image for article: Golden Boys

Sonya Hartnett
Golden Boys

Image for article: Dress, Memory

Lorelei Vashti
Dress, Memory

Image for article: When the Night Comes

Favel Parrett
When the Night Comes


Image for article: Joe Furlonger and John Stezaker

Visual Art

Joe Furlonger and John Stezaker

Two very different artists traverse the twin peaks of innocence and economy.

Image for article: Focus turns to expensive 'orphan drugs'


Focus turns to expensive ’orphan drugs’

Subsidies encouraged Big Pharma to develop medication for very rare conditions. But there's a catch.

Image for article: Prop master: Ben Alexander, 29, rugby union player


Prop master: Ben Alexander, 29, rugby union player

All the world's a stage for Wallabies scrum anchor Ben Alexander.

The Quiz

1. Which substance is represented by the molecular formula H2SO4?
2. Name the jockey who piloted Fiorente to victory in last year’s Melbourne Cup. (Bonus points for naming the other two horses this jockey won the Melbourne Cup on.)
3. Who directed the film Stars Wars (1977)?
4. Which herb is also known as cilantro?
5. What common eight-letter English word contains five vowels in succession?
6. Justin Welby holds which senior religious position?
7. Born in the Bronx, New York, in 1924, Betty Joan Perske was better known to the world by what name?
8. People with heterochromia iridum have what uncommon mutation?
9. Austrian-born Australian Bert Flugelman is best known in which field of the arts?
10. Unarmed African-American teenager Michael Brown was fatally shot by police this month in which US state?

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“Inevitably, daily journalism lacks perspective.”

Tony AbbottThe prime minister launches Paul Kelly’s book on the Rudd-Gillard-Rudd years. See also, prime ministers sitting and past.


“Gareth and I went out there in suits one day, sweating, and there’s Bob in the nude.”

Paul KeatingThe former prime minister offers his perspective on rival Bob Hawke, sunbathing at The Lodge, using a narrowing of his thumb and forefinger for scale.


“I met with Joe Hockey. We had a coffee and a chat. I liked him. I also liked the coffee. I am not his speechwriter, or indeed anyone else’s.”

David HuntThe satirist explains that the treasurer has not called on his perspective for speeches, despite reports and the obvious satire in Hockey’s dispatches.


“Natural Family Man of the Year."

World Congress of FamiliesThe anti-gay congress, pun intended, gives its perspective on Kevin Andrews. Among other things, “natural” is a very generous assessment of his hair.


“He couldn’t see very well because of the wool over his face, so I snuck up behind him and grabbed him.”

Peter HazellThe Tasmanian farmer finds what he believes is the world’s woolliest sheep, caught after six years wandering the wilderness blinded by the wool over its eyes. See also, prime ministers sitting and past.


“I suppose we even had sheep with four to five years’ wool which is fairly common in our part of the world.”

Dean RasheedThe Flinders Ranges woolgrower, careful to maintain perspective, explains why the Tasmanian sheep with 20 kilograms of fleece is not that remarkable after all.