September 6 - 12, 2014


Foreign Minister Julie Bishop and US Secretary of State John Kerry sign a Force Posture Agreement last month.


A detail of the contested Whiteley, Orange Lavender Bay, allegedly painted by Mohammad Aman Siddique.
Peshmerga soldiers fly the Kurdish flag at Mosul Dam, after recapturing it from Islamic State forces.


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Asylum seekers face a septic processing system


A mediaeval relic is bang on 

Thank you for the excellent, well-composed, beautifully written article by Martin McKenzie-Murray regarding George Pell’s lack of empathy, even understanding, of child abuse (“The …

Pell not knocking on heaven’s door

I’m not a believer but if there is a heaven, it’s a fair bet Cardinal Pell isn’t going there.

– John Davies, Kambah, ACT

Italians know …

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Image for article: Garlic and potato soup with scallops


Garlic and potato soup with scallops

Looking for the perfect place to start in the kitchen? Reach for the garlic.


Image for article: Triumph and Demise

Paul Kelly
Triumph and Demise

Image for article: The Bone Clocks

David Mitchell
The Bone Clocks

Image for article: The Dog

Joseph O’Neill
The Dog


Image for article: Desert Design's new blooms


Desert Design’s new blooms

An iconic ’80s label comes back to life.

Image for article: Bali high


Bali high

Indonesia can affect both body and soul, from medical tourism to hanging with the locals.

Image for article: Final eyes: Shaun Burgoyne, 31, AFL player


Final eyes: Shaun Burgoyne, 31, AFL player

Dual premiership player Shaun Burgoyne once again sets his sights on September glory.

The Quiz

1. What does DC stand for in Washington, DC? (Bonus points for naming which US states border Washington, DC.)
2. The phrase “Neither a borrower nor a lender be” features in which Shakespeare play?
3. Who was Time magazine’s Person of the Year in 1952?
4. Red Bull’s Daniel Ricciardo won the recent Belgian Grand Prix, but which two Mercedes drivers were involved in a collision?
5. What is the name of the Mad Max film 2015 sequel?
6. Angkor Wat is an ancient temple complex in which country?
7. In which year did the Japanese bomb Pearl Harbour?
8. Who is the patron saint of Scotland?
9. Edward Rochester is the male protagonist of which classic novel?
10. Which subatomic particle has the smallest mass: proton, neutron or electron?

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“The DLP’s own worst enemies are within its own ranks.”

John MadiganThe Democratic Labour Party senator resigns his membership, citing insubordination inside his office. Here we were thinking the DLP’s worst enemies were socialists, communists, homosexual degenerates and the godless masses of 1957.


“Knowing those photos were deleted long ago, I can only imagine the creepy effort that went into this. Feeling for everyone who got hacked.”

– Mary Elizabeth Winstead The actor responds to news she was among scores of celebrities whose nude pictures were stolen from the “cloud” and rained down upon the internet this week.


“I do tend to know a fair bit.”

Meg LanningThe Australian women’s cricket captain muses on triumphing over the various impediments that are her gender to join the Channel Nine commentary team.


“God performed a miracle.”

Jacqui Lambie

The Palmer United Party senator uses her maiden speech to explain her election. See also, Isaiah 45:15: Truly you are a God that hide yourself.


“You don’t expect conservative governments to believe in much but at least you expect them to believe in thrift.”

Paul KeatingThe former prime minister lashes Tony Abbott’s decision not to lift compulsory superannuation contributions; finds no way to blame Bob Hawke.


“We’re not in North Korea. We’ve got free speech.”

Geoff ShawThe rogue Victorian MP follows up his “sincere” apology for breaching the members’ code of conduct and misusing his government car and petrol allowance. No doubt the anti-abortionist wishes he were in the tummy, which should be the safest place.