September 13 - 19, 2014

Government senate leader Eric Abetz, Liberal representative for Tasmania.


Abetz still in the woods, fighting a lost war

As Tasmania lags behind Australia, Eric Abetz is reigniting old battles.


Tony Bandle, director of the Free Enterprise Foundation.


Illegal donations from developers fund NSW Libs’ win

ICAC poses one big question: why would a party buy an election it has already won?

Opposition Leader Bill Shorten speaking at ANU.


Labor’s higher education hopes

The ALP believes it can capitalise on fears the government’s cuts to higher education will put university out of the reach of many families.


New mail models impact Australia Post

“A decline of 5 per cent is not the crisis that the Australia Post CEO would like the community to believe it is.”

Crown Casino supremo James Packer.


How Packer and Crown are gaming politics

“'Any MP that votes for this piece of legislation, from whatever side of politics, deserves to lose their seat.' ”

A government deal could find taxpayers compensating Crown Casino for actions against problem gambling.

José Ramos-Horta, with Governor-General Peter Cosgrove last Sunday, is made an honorary Companion of the Order of Australia.


Abbott always faithful to US Marine Corps

Love thy neighbour as Canberra flatters Timor-Leste; Indonesian assassination case still unresolved; all eyes on the Scottish ayes.

Australia's No.1 news podcast.


Tony Windsor
No guts, no glory on clean energy

“To see regional politicians arguing against clean energy schemes, which value-add to those communities, shows how out of touch some people have become.”


Paul Bongiorno
Abbott waging war on the past and the future

“Abbott has set a precedent that has taken Australia down a very ugly path. ”


Richard Ackland
Gadfly: Conflicting properties

Letters, Cartoon & Editorial


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Still time for talking


Are we the Great Northern Land?

Sophie Morris’s “The short march to another war” (September 6-12) stated that Tony Abbott, on behalf of Australia one must presume, is “deepening [our] engagement with …

Parliament must decide on war

No war between nations should proceed before the will of the people has been expressed in the parliament. Boosters of Tony Abbott’s preparedness to take the nation to war would claim that he …

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Image for article: Chocolate and sea salt biscuits with raspberry jelly


Chocolate and sea salt biscuits with raspberry jelly

Raspberry jelly and chocolate cookies turn kitchen time into child's play.


Image for article: Maralinga

Frank Walker

Image for article: The Monogram  Murders

Sophie Hannah
The Monogram Murders

Image for article: Internal Medicine

Terrence Holt
Internal Medicine


Image for article: Insects teaching us about the birds and the bees


Insects teaching us about the birds and the bees

Birds, bees – even educated fleas do it. But why? Weird insect genitalia is helping unravel the evolutionary benefits of sex.

Image for article: Ghosts of Mississippi


Ghosts of Mississippi

A chance conversation at a blues festival begins a quest to discover remnants of a favourite ’50s film.

Image for article: Rallying forces: Chris Atkinson, 34, rally driver


Rallying forces: Chris Atkinson, 34, rally driver

Veteran driver Chris Atkinson is set to send the Coffs Coast gravel flying this weekend at Rally Australia.

The Quiz

1. Which current capital city was originally named Edo?
2. How many points is the pink ball worth in a game of snooker? (Bonus points for naming how many points are scored in a maximum break under normal conditions.)
3. In which year did the Cuban missile crisis occur?
4. A person born on February 29 has which star sign?
5. In mythology, the female spirits of justice and vengeance – Alecto, Tisiphone and Megaera – are better known as…?
6. Which knighted entertainer is set to perform at this year’s AFL grand final?
7. What is the claim to fame of astronauts Harrison Schmitt and Eugene Cernan?
8. The “ice-bucket challenge” is raising funds for research into what illness?
9. Quicksilver is an alternative name for which element?
10. Personal is the latest Jack Reacher novel by…?

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“It wasn’t love, it was just purely business.”

Shirley MooreThe woman who claimed to have met Geoffrey Edelsten on a sugar daddy website before becoming his lover explains further why he is described as a disgraced businessman.


“Obviously we’re immensely thrilled, it’s great news.”

Prince WilliamThe unelected future monarch of Australia glories in the anticipation of producing a second unelected future-future monarch of Australia. An heir and a spare, as it were.


“Brit feminists bang on forever about page 3. I bet never buy paper. I think old fashioned but readers seem to disagree.”

Rupert Murdoch

The old-fashioned 83-year-old considers the topless models in his tabloid The Sun, accepting later that “beautiful young women [are] more attractive in at least some fashionable clothes”.


“It’s a tribal war, I will say, in Tasmania when it comes to Mansell’s group and the rest of us and I would just say to Mansell, ‘I suggest you watch your step with me.’ ”

Jacqui LambieThe PUP senator threatens Aboriginal Land Council of Tasmania chairman Clyde Mansell after he questions her claim to be a descendant of Aboriginal resistance leader Mannalargenna.


“Be more ready to give credit where it’s due.”

Tony AbbottThe prime minister offers his advice to the Australian press, adding his well-worn gag: “I’ve often said that as a journalist I was a frustrated politician, as a politician I’m a frustrated journalist, and while a trainee priest I was just frustrated.”


“I must say I rather enjoyed my 15 minutes of fame, even if I had to die to get them.”

Mungo MacCallum

The political journalist and The Saturday Paper’s crossword setter greets news of his death, broken online by Anne Summers. She later apologised; he later lived.