September 20 - 26, 2014


Defence Minister David Johnston and Foreign Minister Julie Bishop.


Qantas chief executive officer Alan Joyce.
International Committee of the Red Cross director Helen Durham.
Iraqi Shiite militia fighters celebrate breaking the Islamic State siege of the northern town of Amerli.


Letters, Cartoon & Editorial


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Going to extremes


Interpreting Nietzsche

Martin McKenzie-Murray (“Still in the woods, fighting a lost war”, September 13-19) notes Eric Abetz quoting Friedrich Nietzsche’s words that “There are no such things as facts, …

Taking Abetz’s meaning

Martin McKenzie-Murray reported that Eric Abetz divined a truth that “anyone who asserts a capacity to determine and divine the truth and facts in all matters should by definition be treated sceptically …

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Image for article: Raw beef, raw artichoke and bottarga


Raw beef, raw artichoke and bottarga

Meet the film stars of the thistle world – artichokes.


Image for article: The Mockingbird Next Door

Marja Mills
The Mockingbird Next Door

Image for article: Confessions of a People-Smuggler

Dawood Amiri
Confessions of a People-Smuggler

Image for article: The Emperor Far Away

David Eimer
The Emperor Far Away


Image for article: Brain-changing apps


Brain-changing apps

Can custom apps and video games really help us build up our mental muscle?

Image for article: A time to kill those pesky garden pests


A time to kill those pesky garden pests

When uninvited pests come to visit, declare war with sustainable practices – and also an old-fashioned dose of hand-to-hand combat.

Image for article: Manly man: Geoff Toovey, 45, rugby league coach


Manly man: Geoff Toovey, 45, rugby league coach

Manly coach Geoff Toovey talks team culture and tactics ahead of his club's do-or-die NRL semi-final clash with the Canterbury Bulldogs.

The Quiz

1. What is the name for both a type of stringed musical instrument and a kitchen utensil used for slicing vegetables?
2. “Mrs Robinson, you’re trying to seduce me” is a line from which 1960s film? (Bonus points for naming the actor who delivered the line and the actress he said it to.)
3. The acronym EBITDA stands for earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and…?
4. Name Russia’s prime minister.
5. In Greek mythology, a minotaur has the body of a man and the head of a …?
6. Lapins, merchants and vans are all varieties of which fruit?
7. The string section of an orchestra is normally arranged into how many subsections?
8. Which company is the major sponsor of the Australian Wallabies?
9. What is the name of the defensive fortification built in Roman Britain in AD122 just south of the border between England and Scotland?
10. Which BAFTA-winning American actress welcomed her first child, Rose, this month?

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“Arthur is a wonderful person, a man of great personal integrity.”

Joe HockeyThe treasurer explains how Arthur Sinodinos, as the chairman of its finance committee, knew nothing of illegal donations being made to the Liberal Party.


“I look forward to getting back out there to attack that tree like I planned on doing. No tree is going to keep me down.”

Greg NormanThe Shark is mauled by a chainsaw, but sustains only minor nerve damage. He was cutting down a tree.


“It’s a humanitarian mission with military elements.”

George BrandisThe attorney-general explains that Australia is not at war. They are peace bombs.


“The regulation of medicines is a thicket of complexity, bureaucracy and corporate and institutional self-interest.”

Tony AbbottIn a letter to Alan Jones, the prime minister voices his support for the medical use of marijuana.


“I don’t run the NSA any more than I run any other foreign intelligence agency or any other country.”

John KeyThe New Zealand prime minister accepts that Edward Snowden may have been correct when he said the country’s metadata was being harvested by America.


“The operations’ successes speak for themselves.”

Scott MorrisonThe minister for boats confirms that 12 asylum seeker vessels have been turned back at sea, letting the on-water matters we cannot know about talk for themselves.