Inside the terror of the suburbs

“The threat of radicalised youth is neither imagined nor dwindling. But how much of a threat is it? And why is it so rarely contextualised?”

Before the newly charged rhetoric of terrorism, Numan Haider was a disturbed kid. Then he became a radical threat.



Betting against political resolve on gambling

“Internet betting is now almost four times greater than betting through a TAB agency.”

Despite regulatory fig leaves, live and online gambling is growing exponentially. And there’s no will to change it.


Internal discord dogs PUP and major parties

The focus on national security can dull dissent in political debate, but it still exists in both major parties and the PUP.


Australia renewing relations with democratic Fiji

Fijians hope that post-election, Bainimarama will deliver better relations within the Pacific, including with Australia.


The unusual suspects of the protest movement

“Far from the picket lines of political demonstrations in the past, This felt like the opening salvo in a new model of merging political protest with ‘ethical’ corporate enterprise.”

Protesters at the People’s Climate March in Melbourne found themselves being sold superannuation. Organisers say the movement needs to embrace a corporate presence to effect real change.


New security rules for Australia as ‘terror war’s front line’

Islamic State targets youth on social media. Putin may avoid his Brisbane reckoning.

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Robert Manne
Dawning of Abbott’s belief in Indigenous constitutional recognition

“For Abbott, conversion to the cause of Indigenous constitutional recognition was long in coming. There is every reason to believe it came primarily because of Noel Pearson. ”


Paul Bongiorno
Abbott saving the world and killing the planet

“Shrouding the prime minister from any humiliation over climate change is the fog of war. Australia is now in anti-terrorism overdrive. The nation is panicked.”


There’s something about Marie

Diarist-at-large Richard Ackland flys about the nation.

Letters, Cartoon & Editorial



Refusing Obama’s other call


Growing legal powers creating fear

Richard Ackland’s “Persona non data” and Mike Seccombe’s “The real threat of terror laws” (September 20-26) add further proof to the sad reality that …

Look at the evidence

Although we seem to be once more at war with it, terrorism is not some leviathan. Rather, it is little more than a tactic. So Mike Seccombe is quite right that we should be sceptical about renouncing freedoms …

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How to dress a favourite crustacean

Subtlety is best when it comes to savouring crab.


Jenny Nordberg
The Underground Girls of Kabul

Howard Jacobson



Customisation and collectible editions

The design market is turning to two distinct trends – mass customisation and limited edition collectibles.


When did the Earth get its oxygen?

New research has reopened debate about the origins of oxygen, the precursor to complex organisms.


Tearing up the track: Caroline Buchanan, 23, cyclist

From BMX bandit to dual world champion… Caroline Buchanan loves life on two wheels.

The Quiz

1. Which company produces the renowned Australian wine Grange?
2. Name the record-breaking progeny of Bel Esprit and Helsinge.
3. Sydney-born Amethyst Amelia Kelly is better known by her stage name …?
4. If your airline baggage is labelled LGW, where is it headed? (Bonus points for naming the airports with the codes LAX, JNB and CHC.)
5. Rounded to one decimal point, how many acres are in a hectare?
6. What was the last referendum held in Australia (on November 6, 1999)?
7. Which two-time grand slam winner announced her retirement from tennis last week?
8. Who wrote the opera Don Giovanni?
9. The Minoan civilisation flourished during the Bronze Age on which Mediterranean island?
10. Hugh Ramsay is famous in which field of the arts?

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“Do I look like a terrorist? I’m wearing a Gucci hat.”

Ahmad Azaddin RahmanyOne of the men arrested in Australia’s largest counterterrorism raids demonstrates his innocence after being granted a good-behaviour bond.


“Very little, maybe no evidence.”

Cory BernardiThe slippery slope senator explains the basis of his support for a bill outlawing gender-selective abortion in Australia.


“The Australian people have long reached their own conclusions about Ms Gillard’s relationship with the truth – from the coup to the carbon tax.”

Kevin RuddThe two-time former prime minister responds to the launch of Julia Gillard’s memoirs.


“Well, I think when it comes to sharia law, you know, to me, it’s … it’s – obviously it involves terrorism.”

Jacqui LambieThe former soldier explains her understanding of Muslim faith.


“Obviously I was wrong about that.”

Julia GillardThe former prime minister reflects on her view that Rudd felt “relief” at being freed from the pressures of leadership.


“Clive couldn’t have said that about me – because I was standing at the ‘trough’ as well – and he said the same thing to me about Dio.”

Jacqui LambieThe PUP senator responds to reports Clive Palmer said she was “not very bright” while talking to her colleague Dio Wang in the parliamentary staff cafe, known colloquially as The Trough.