Nick Xenophon’s ploy to price carbon

By extending a lifeline to Direct Action, independent senator Nick Xenophon may yet sneak in a carbon price.



Kurds targetted at home now key allies in fight against IS

Australia is keen to aid the Kurds in the fight against the Islamic State, but less keen to admit we deem them terrorists at home.


WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange’s life on the inside

From plans for a fashion range to live book launch crosses in New York, Julian Assange has found much to keep him busy during his 26 months holed up in a London embassy.


The power of the electricty market

“In a conventional market, falling demand would result in falling prices. Not in electricity, where a major section of it is a regulated monopoly.”


Hillsong in the Royal Commission into Child Sex Abuse

Despite a royal commission being told that Hillsong’s senior pastor mishandled revelations of child sex abuse by his father and fellow church leader, the organisation’s global expansion continues apace.


Our free trade agenda unlikely to excite G20

Threat to reporters rings alarm bells; Asian Islamic nations shut out IS; Australian tutting over HK protesters.

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Rob Oakeshott
Royal commission needed on political donations

“No greater respect for democracy could be shown than by initiating a broad and independent examination of the influence of donations on decision-making.”


Paul Bongiorno
Putin-Abbott showdown to derail G20

“The prime minister seems to acknowledge his play for domestic plaudits in this instance was at best inelegant, at worst demeaning.”

Letters, Cartoon & Editorial



But I divest


Review ignored the positives

Can I predict behind the initials “PT” of the review of My Story by Julia Gillard (Books, October 11-17) lurks a misogynist? One may forgive the reviewer’s cavalier prejudices: …

The other institute makes its mark

There is no question that The Australia Institute punches above its weight  (Mike Seccombe, “The real senate puppet masters”, October 11-17). With a tiny staff and a budget that …

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Christos Tsiolkas
Merciless Gods

Lena Dunham
Not That Kind of Girl

Alan Warner
Their Lips Talk of Mischief



Into the Red Centre

A gang of friends drive up the spine of Australia, where the country opens silent and wide, and other people come in and out of focus like mirages.


Work, leisure and taking the time

Making time and taking time are virtues that must be celebrated if society is to function well.


Hit machine: Richie Vaculik, 31, mixed martial artist

Former Bra Boy Richie Vaculik has swapped chasing big waves for the Ultimate Fighting Championship octagon.

The Quiz

1. Brad Pitt stars in which current-release film set in World War II?
2. What is the name of the stock exchange index in Hong Kong?
3. On Christmas Day, if it’s noon in Canberra, what time is it in London?
4. How many United States of America state names begin with the letter W? (Bonus points for naming them.)
5. Which horse won last year’s Caulfield Cup and last Saturday’s Caulfield Stakes?
6. Where on the body would you wear a balmoral?
7. Which flower is most associated with Dame Edna Everage?
8. Who is the author of the young-adult fiction Twilight series?
9. What is the name for a maker of barrels?
10. What Australian marsupial would you associate with the Pre-Raphaelite painter Dante Gabriel Rossetti?

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“Novels are life, or they are nothing.”

Richard FlanaganThe Tasmanian author accepts the Man Booker Prize for his novel The Narrow Road to the Deep North, describing himself as the chicken in a chook raffle.


“These pictures are good PR for these celebrities. Some of them were not that known before. Now people are talking about them.”

Sergei KholodovskiiThe Russian technology guru explains why he is hosting stolen nude photographs of more than 100 celebrities.


“The moment between the machine gun firing on the civilians and hearing the whimpering of children caught in the gunfire was very short but it still remains with us all.”

Ben MorrisThe platoon commander recalls the accidental massacre at Nui Dat during the Vietnam War, claiming it was suggested he place weapons on the murdered civilians to make them look like Viet Cong.


“Let’s have no demonisation of coal. Coal is good for humanity.”

Tony AbbottThe prime minister opens the $4.2 billion Caval Ridge coalmine in Moranbah, Queensland. Comforting from a government that thinks wind farms a “blight on the landscape”.


“I’m sorry about that. I had this beautiful idea and we kind of got carried away with ourselves.”

BonoThe U2 frontman apologises for forcing the download of his latest album on 500 million iTunes users. No apology as yet for the albums Rattle and Hum or No Line on the Horizon.


“It doesn’t reflect well on me – I realise that.”

Don CoulsonThe sacked former Ted Baillieu adviser reflects on his own claims that he was running a pornography ring out of the Victorian parliament.