October 25-31, 2014


Shadow attorney-general Mark Dreyfus, at left, with Labor leader Bill Shorten.


Professional mediator Mick Gatto.
There are calls for the big two supermarkets to have their conduct with suppliers and competition practices more closely scrutinised.
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Whistling tricksy


Predictive text engaged

I found it, in hindsight, a somewhat personally prophetic comment of Tony Abbott’s that was quoted last week in The Saturday Paper when he was discussing hate speech with Alan Jones (The Week, …

Alberici on standby

Our bullyboy PM will be having a one-on-one with Vlad Putin at the coming G20 – the technical term is to “shirtfront”, which means for the layperson, a robust discussion. Abbott aims to out-bully …

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Peter Carey

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Ben Lerner

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John Darnielle
Wolf in White Van


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Herb your enthusiasm

Why spend a fortune on herbs at the supermarket only to watch them decay in your crisper drawer? Get hooked on growing your own.

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Cancer-eating bacteria a throwback to old-time medicine

Cancer researchers have turned to a largely forgotten treatment developed in the 1890s, injecting bacteria into tumours.

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Wind in his sails: Mathew Belcher, 32, sailor

Is this man the world's best sailor? Many think so.

The Quiz

1. Which literary character first appeared in The Mysterious Affair at Styles (published in 1920)?
2. What is the name of the straw-coloured liquid component of blood?
3. How many seasons were made of the television comedy Friends? (Bonus points for naming three of its six stars.)
4. What was the name of the first space shuttle, launched in 1981?
5. Brass is an alloy made of which two metals?
6. Due to negative connotations following World War I and II, the German shepherd dog breed was known by what other name?
7. What is the name of the fault line that runs through the US state of California?
8. Amal Alamuddin recently made headlines for marrying…
9. World No. 4 tennis player Simona Halep is from which country?
10. Which Perth-born model recently made a comeback to the industry as the new face of Country Road?

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“The lower end of seriousness.”

Anthony PayneThe barrister acting for Freya Newman, who pleaded guilty to revealing details of an undisclosed scholarship granted to Tony Abbott’s daughter, describes her offence. She will be sentenced next month.


“I don’t believe there is any evidence to suggest that that is a likely course of action.”

Ray GriggsThe vice-admiral responds in senate estimates to Jacqui Lambie’s concern that Ebola-infected “suicide agents” may breach the country’s borders.


“This is a very proud day for my family. My father had a long history and association with Souths.”

James PackerThe gaming mogul announces he will continue to invest in his father’s appetites, buying into the South Sydney Rabbitohs rugby league team. Expect further investments in steak and chips and sweet and sour pork.


“Collateral damage.”

Arthur MosesThe lawyer acting for University of Sydney poetry professor Barry Spurr describes his client as a victim of an anti-government plot after the leaking of emails in which he showed contempt for “Chinky-poos” and “Mussies” and anyone who wasn’t an old white poetry professor. He won a “whimsical” injunction against further publication.


“Why am I having to defend the decisions I made about our son? Isn’t it unfair that I’m having to be the one to answer for all this?”

Rosie BattyThe mother of Luke Batty, who was killed by his father earlier this year, responds to questions at an inquest into his death.


“The problem that the Labor Party has today is that Bill Shorten is an economic girlie man.”

Mathias CormannThe finance minister explains why the opposition leader has not passed the budget. He later explained that the statement was not at all sexist. This week, as in any week, most would rather be a girlie man than a Cormann.