November 8-14, 2014


Greens leaders present and past, Christine Milne and Bob Brown.


Finance Minister Mathias Cormann made a deft move on the petrol tax.
Clear-felled forest at Rusty coupe, Toolangi.
Myanmar’s president Thein Sein prepares for a photo, before the curtain’s rise on this week’s East Asia Summit  in the capital, Nay Pyi Taw.


Letters, Cartoon & Editorial


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Greg Hunt must resign


Defender of free speech strikes back

Accurate reporting is the hallmark of a good newspaper. Fairness is the measure of a decent one. The Saturday Paper failed on both counts last week. Contrary to your editorial (“Devil …

The power of words

The first two paras of your editorial (“Whistling tricksy”, October 25-31) will bring down the Abbott government ...

– Joan Croll, Drummoyne, NSW

Whistleblowin’ …

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Image for article: Shredded chicken and chickpea salad


Shredded chicken and chickpea salad

Blend complementary textures and flavours to create not just a salad, but a perfect, complete meal.


Image for article: The Adolescent Country

Peter Hartcher
The Adolescent Country

Image for article: Springtime

Michelle de Kretser

Image for article: Gallery fashion


Gallery fashion

For three fashion art exhibitions, it's not about the designers – it’s the curators who run the show.


Image for article: Guys, I have cancer!


Guys, I have cancer!

A shock diagnosis is awful enough, but then comes the challenge of passing on the sombre news.

Image for article: Gallery fashion


Gallery fashion

For three fashion art exhibitions, it's not about the designers – it’s the curators who run the show.

Image for article: Road to Victory: Nathan Coe, 30, goalkeeper


Road to Victory: Nathan Coe, 30, goalkeeper

Nathan Coe on pro soccer in Australia and keeping against the world's best strikers.

The Quiz

1. Who is deputy leader of the federal opposition?
2. Which country lies between Nicaragua and Panama?
3. What is the abbreviation “SP” short for when referring to an SP bookie?
4. Which car manufacturer produces models named Accent, Sonata and Santa Fe?
5. Johns Hopkins University is located in which US city?
6. Which Parramatta Eels rugby league star has quit the NRL and is pursuing a career in American football?
7. What is the title of Richard Flanagan’s Booker Prize-winning novel? (Bonus points for naming another two of his novels.)
8. A small town in which Australian state was the first to fluoridate its drinking water supply?
9. Which actress links the films Juno, Valentine’s Day and Dallas Buyers Club?
10. What historic event began in a bakeshop on Pudding Lane on September 2, 1666?

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“When he breathed he truly was Australia’s greatest white elder.”

Noel PearsonThe Indigenous leader mourns Gough Whitlam at his state funeral in Sydney, speaking with passion and fury and one extended Monty Python reference.


“It was no hassle at all, apart from the occasional shuffling noises.”

Katie MeluaThe singer responds to news a spider had been living inside her ear for a week. While one might sympathise with Melua, it is important to remember the spider was only in her ear for a week. Her first single charted in ours for 87.


“I’m shocked. Happy. We’ve talked about it for a long time and now it’s official.”

Gabi GreckoThe 25-year-old, dressed as a clowning archaeopteryx, announces her 71-year-old boyfriend, Geoffrey Edelsten, proposed at the Melbourne Cup. For what it’s worth, he dressed as an aged canary.


“Choice, trust and good decisions.”

Denis NapthineThe Victorian premier calls an election, announcing what the poll will be about. A shame the anti-abortionists in his party disagree with the first item, Geoff Shaw has struck out the second, and his government is scarcely known for the third.


“The horse has given me so much. It’s just not fair.”

Zac PurtonAdmire Rakti’s jockey talks after the Melbourne Cup favourite died in his stall. German horse Protectionist collected the trophy – the country’s first significant win on a cavalry charge since invading Poland in 1939.


“Cockroaches on wheels. Should have to pay rego, insurance and adhere to road rules and single file only.”

Senior sergeantA Queensland police officer shares on Facebook his view of cyclists and cockroaches, presumably known for their single-file orderliness.