Julie Bishop’s long play moves to old mate Malcolm Turnbull

Julie Bishop finds herself in a unique position: pointedly wedged between two rivals and ready to decide the future of both.


Salvos neglect young Nauru, Manus staff suffering PTSD

“If you were stressed or not coping very well, instead of assisting you, they’d just fire you. Instead of supporting people who were finding work stressful, they saw it as a sign of weakness.”

Young and untrained, they were sent to work in detention centres. They saw atrocity and were harassed, returning disturbed and uncared for.


Donation disclosure reveals murky deal for Country Liberals

“There would have been a report of some sort. I can’t recall. I’m 73 years old and pretty stupid.”

A Darwin private school's indirect donation to the CLP, raises questions about disclosure laws, and the involvement of consultants Crosby Textor.


Adverse reaction to anti-vaccination campaigners

“This is how governments behave in fascist and communist countries, not free countries.”

As the states toughen up vaccination regulations, anti-vaxxers claim their rights as parents are being denied.


Former diplomat Michael Thawley takes top govt job

A defender of the Iraq war, who also saw off an inquiry into the AWB scandal, the new head of the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet will nonetheless be willing to ask the tough questions.


Time to strip PM Abbott’s war-making power

Bali clemency push; Malaysia regresses; Thai military rule makes US uneasy; Delhi in vote against Modi



Chris Wallace
The press gallery’s leadership thrills and spills

“It is not hard to identify those who cross the line from journalist to polemicist in exchange for being put, as Paul Keating used to call it, on the story “drip”.”


Paul Bongiorno
Joe Hockey: 19 points behind ‘Don’t Know’

“What Credlin and Abbott must know is that the same agitators who precipitated last Monday’s spill motion have a plan to strike again. This time the performance of Hockey will be the trigger. ”


Art and a thorny ol’ devil

Diarist-at-large Richard Ackland flys about the nation.

Letters, Cartoon & Editorial



‘Well done, mate’


Abbott reaping his bitter harvest

It is disheartening that so many people consider Tony Abbott to have been a good opposition leader. Government opposition should not be about deriding, shouting down and abusing those in …

Malcolm in the middle their only saviour

To the keen observer the current state of play reads something like this. The electorates of Victoria and Queensland have given notice that they don’t want policy that takes from the …

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Pass the parcel to win the juiciest trout

Looking for something delicate and delicious? We've got it all wrapped up.



I, wormbot: the next step in artificial intelligence

If a robot can be made to think like a worm, how will we define living and non-living beings?


Berlin, a city of atonement

Berlin’s unflinching memorials of the terrible events in its history can make for an emotional but rewarding experience.


Paying a debt: David Pocock, 26, rugby player

Brumbies season-opener captain David Pocock talks rugby, protest and privilege.


Dylan Evans
The Utopia Experiment

Jamie Brisick
Becoming Westerly

Nigel Bartlett
King of the Road

The Quiz

1. In 1944, Iceland became a republic after terminating its personal union with which country?
2. Kei Nishikori is a champion of which sport?
3. Which flamboyant Greek singer died, aged 68, last month?
4. Located in the heart of Paris, what is Gare du Nord.
5. Which Australian novel focuses on the disappearance of three students and a teacher on Valentine’s Day 1900? (Bonus point for naming its author and the decade in which it was published.)
6. The dong is the official currency of which country?
7. The lyrics for the Tony Award-winning musical Into the Woods (now a Disney film) were written by …
8. In which century did Benjamin Franklin invent bifocal glasses?
9. Who is Australia’s minister for the arts?
10. The illness rubella is also commonly known as …

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“It helped to bring down the Labor government, indirectly.”

– PeterThe Lugarno resident advertises his infamous “Ditch The Witch” sign on the trading website Gumtree, with an asking price of $3000. Ordinarily, you can buy Pete’s misogyny for about the cost of a pint of beer.


“Beck needs to respect artistry and he should’ve given his award to Beyoncé.”

– Kanye West The rapper explains what should have happened at the Grammys, where Beck won album of the year. Nothing says “respects artistry” like mounting Kim Kardashian in a music video.


“Is Australian prime minister Tony Abbott the most incompetent leader of any industrialised democracy?”

– Joshua KurlantzickThe senior fellow for South-East Asia at the US Council on Foreign Relations muses in a piece for the think tank. Although he takes many more words to say so, the answer is broadly “yes”.


“The best thing I’ve ever worn on my head.”

– Shane WarneThe cricketer reflects on being named King of Moomba. The crown narrowly beat out peroxide, “Advanced Laser Therapy” and other people’s underpants in the hierarchy of “Things Shane has had on his head”.


“Whether I was a rooster or a feather duster, I think I’m still doing my job.”

– Joe HockeyThe treasurer mixes tenses and logic to explain why he will not be removed from office. How he would perform as an egg or laying hen went unexamined.


“There was a holocaust of jobs in defence industries.”

– Tony AbbottThe prime minister blames Labor for a loss of one-in-ten defence jobs, managing to be both hugely offensive and, tragically, to miss a rare opportunity to correctly use the word “decimation”. He later withdrew the comment.