Searching for Bill Shorten’s promised year of ALP ideas

Labor promised to be defined this year by their ideas. So where are they?



What drives Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull

“There seems to be a repeating pattern, of people being drawn close to Turnbull, then falling out with him. Sometimes, particularly if it suits him, there is a reconciliation.”


Fitzroy Crossing still waiting on promised funds

“Leedal’s businesses proved highly prosperous … Yet to this day its beneficiary communities have yet to be paid a substantial dividend. ”

WA’s remote Fitzroy Crossing communities suffer poverty and suicide, while a business set up to benefit them prospers.


Chief Scientist Ian Chubb’s scientific methods

Australia’s chief scientist, Ian Chubb, holds the future of science and innovation in his hands. If he can make the government listen.


Bali delays not from death row diplomacy

Police target KPK. Papua little changed. Did Sri Lanka arm terrorists?


Apology to Senator Cory Bernardi

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James Brown
Time for decisions on navy’s new submarine fleet

“Nearly every naval power in Asia is increasing its submarine force over the next two decades, suggesting our neighbours aren’t willing to bet on a benign Indo-Pacific in the future either.”


Paul Bongiorno
Tony Abbott’s foul-mouthed fury at whip Philip Ruddock

“Some months ago there was an ugly confrontation between Philip Ruddock and the PM. It ended in acrimony, with a prime ministerial “get fucked” adding colour.”


Televising Murphy’s lore

Diarist-at-large Richard Ackland flys about the nation.

Letters, Cartoon & Editorial



Tony Abbott’s scare tactics over national security


Humanitarian response

The Salvation Army takes serious exception to the inaccurate and deceptive headline and story “Nauru Salvos neglect PTSD staff” (Chris Shearer, February 14-20). This article also contained …

Another voice from Nauru

The courage of the young Salvo staff continues to be outstanding; it was my privilege to work with these amazing people. I, too, was on Nauru in the Salvos team and at one stage was part of its “middle …

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The changing of the gado

The Indonesian classic gets a fresh makeover.


Quentin Beresford
The Rise and Fall of Gunns Ltd

Anna Smaill
The Chimes

Rebecca Starford
Bad Behaviour



Gehry Partners bends UTS building out of shape

Does Frank Gehry's UTS building exhibit more technical making-do than derring-do?


Finetuning gene therapy

Researchers are edging closer to reliable gene therapy, providing a revolution in healthcare.


Winging it: Madi Robinson, 27, netballer

Australian Diamonds netballer Madi Robinson on the perfect game.

The Quiz

1. According to the Chinese zodiac, we have just entered the Year of the …?
2. In which decade did Winston Churchill die?
3. Hepatitis A is an infectious disease that affects which organ?
4. How long did Australian journalist Peter Greste spend in jail: (a) 300 days; (b) 350 days; or (c) 400 days?
5. Name the winners of last year’s Best Actor and Actress Academy Awards. 
6. How many Australian states have Labor Party premiers? (Bonus points for naming those premiers.)
7. Anti-domestic violence campaigner Rosie Batty was this year named Australian of the Year. Who was the 2014 Australian of the Year?
8. True or false: Poland borders Belarus?
9. What is the chemical symbol for mercury?
10. Sunnydale is the fictional setting for which American television series, which debuted in 1997?

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“👍  ✔  😔 ”

Julie BishopThe foreign minister describes Australia’s relationship with Indonesia using only emojis in an interview with BuzzFeed. Just imagine if a politician conducted an interview using only honest answers.


“Our highest honour should be a matehood and you should honour people by officially calling them ‘mate’ and the official greeting should be ‘g’day mate’.”

– John AlexanderThe former tennis great cum middling politician shares his view on the question of knighthoods and being an idiot.


“We discussed it with Tanveer Ahmed and it was decided he would no longer be writing for us.”

– Clive Mathieson

The editor of The Australian confirms psychiatrist Tanveer Ahmed lifted sections of a column he wrote blaming feminism for inaction on domestic violence. We may never know if Tanveer can write, but the man he’s plagiarising certainly can’t.


“Whatever the legalities, and this was essentially a matter for an American court dealing with American law, he was up to no good on his own admission.”

– Tony AbbottThe prime minister confirms he would not apologise to David Hicks for his years of wrongful imprisonment. His respect for “the legalities” ebbs further each day.


“Everybody has been tainted by this cruel, horrible practice.”

– Peter V’landysThe chief executive of Racing NSW responds to reports live animals were used to bait greyhounds in race training. Tainted might be a touch euphemistic.


“Congratulations to #Afghanistan for their win over #Bangladesh in the Cricket World Cup #CWC15 #AFGvsBAN.”

– US embassy KabulThe embassy claims another victory prematurely, after just 10 overs of the World Cup match on Wednesday. Bangladesh won by 105 runs in Canberra.