Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s new leadership plan: panic

“Abbott adopted the time-honoured tactic of the panicked conservative leader. He sought to panic others into supporting him. ”

Tony Abbott’s security speech shows him already reaching for the last trick in the conservative playbook.



Plotting the anti-Tony Abbott forces

“I am overwhelmed daily by the sheer vitriol, and pent-up animosities, and enmities that exist.”

After weeks of mutinous destabilisation by backbenchers, the fate of the prime minister is now in the hands of his cabinet ministers.


How Jeff McCloy nearly ruined the Newcastle Art Gallery

The future of Newcastle's esteemed gallery is in the balance after being undermined by its disgraced former lord mayor.


Backyard solariums creating a dangerous market

A recent ban on commercial solariums has seen many turning to backyard operations, ignoring the cancer risk.


Minding the Indigenous education gap


PM’s missteps on Muslim co-operation

IS social media skills overstated; Malaysia wants Villawood murderer



David Marr
Tony Abbott running from the law

“Abbott doesn’t set out to break the law. That’s not the point. But when the law stands between him and a quick win, he shows contempt for its values, its customs and the part they play in national life. ”


Paul Bongiorno
Higginson leak targets Abbott, Credlin and Loughnane

“The whole episode illustrates that for Abbott little has changed. He is more comfortable attacking and creating enemies than in reaching out and making friends.”


Road plans a trainwreck

Diarist-at-large Richard Ackland flys about the nation.

Letters, Cartoon & Editorial



Scott Morrison’s brutality the year’s defining story


In Bernardi’s own words

At first blush, the claims made last week about “[Inside]Bernardi’s business web” (Kate Doak, February 21-27) seem at odds with the lofty ideals espoused in Cory’s rousing …

A sliding scale

Given Senator Bernardi appears to have some kind of fetish for slippery slope arguments against marriage equality, it is bizarre that he has failed to apply such logic to the sanctity of the pecuniary interests …

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Taking the coconut and chocolate cake

Love a Cherry Ripe? Then this is the cake for you.


Robyn Cadwallader
The Anchoress

Abigail Ulman
Hot Little Hands

Jon Ronson
So You’ve Been Publicly Shamed



At home in downtown Manhattan’s Greenwich Hotel

Some hotels transcend hospitality to become something closer to home, such as New York’s Greenwich.


Witnessing protection via the human papillomavirus vaccine

The risk of developing cervical cancer is at an all-time low, as Australia’s world-leading vaccination program yields impressive results.


Gold rush: Ellie Cole, 23, swimmer and wheelchair basketball player

Four-time London Paralympics gold medallist Ellie Cole on the shock of being a champion.

The Quiz

1. Sixty-two years ago, Cambridge University scientists James D. Watson and Frances H.C. Crick announced they had identified which molecular structure of DNA?
2. How many countries are currently contesting the ICC Cricket World Cup? (Bonus points for naming which European countries are competing.)
3. By what name is author and illustrator Theodor Geisel better known?
4. What is the name of the professor in the game Cluedo?
5. Which pop group wrote the song Islands in the Stream, made famous by Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers?
6. Ashton Carter this month took over which high-powered United States government post?
7. I. M. Pei is often referred to as the master of modern …?
8. Which sovereign island nation’s flag comprises vertical panels of blue, yellow and blue, with a black trident on the centre panel?
9. Which Hollywood A-lister directed the World War II film Unbroken?
10. According to the NATO phonetic alphabet, what word represents the letter G?

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“Senator Brandis is one of the most competent legal minds in the country, he is an outstanding attorney-general.”

– Peter DuttonThe former Queensland cop praises the attorney-general – the same attorney-general who botched reforms to the Racial Discrimination Act, does not know what metadata is, and allowed his head to become badly sunburnt at the G20 summit.


“It’s absolutely crystal clear, this inquiry by the president of the Human Rights Commission is a political stitch-up.”

– Tony AbbottThe prime minister continues his cloddish attack on Gillian Triggs. If the speciousness and the inaction were not enough, he now adds the mixing of metaphors to his crimes.


“During the day there’s no problem, but at night we now only venture outside armed with umbrellas, helmets and hats, anything really to protect ourselves.”

– Liselotte de BruijnThe resident from the Dutch town of Purmerend describes a “rogue” owl that has attacked at least 15 people, some of whom have been hospitalised. You have been warned.


“You’re seeking four stick blenders, two food processors, a – and you’re going to have to help me with this – a Thermomix?”

– Joe LudwigThe Labor senator asks estimates about the kitchen needs of Governor-General Peter Cosgrove. Ludwig said he had no idea what a “Thermomix” was, but admitted he had been in “Queensland”.


“It is with an element of sadness but a lot of pride that I have decided to retire from the Socceroos.”

– Mark BrescianoThe soccer player announces he is retiring from some soccer playing.


“Like Glenn McGrath, I know firsthand the lengths to which animal activists will go to attack and vilify anyone involved in anything the activists oppose.”

– Robert BorsakThe Shooters and Fishers Party member expounds on the special bond shared between men who have shot elephants. The elephants, he continued, are a dangerous scourge. They are the owls of Zimbabwe.