March 7 -13, 2015

Minister Scott Morrison at the National Press Club.


Social Services Minister Scott Morrison’s ‘fluffy’ new image

His campaign to stop the boats made him the government’s toughest minister, but a new portfolio has Scott Morrison remodelling.



Inside the Knox Grammar’s sexual abuse scandal

“The times were different then. We made our own judgements. I don’t consider that a failure.”

How one man’s blindness allowed a generation of sexual abuse at Sydney’s Knox Grammar.

Prime Minister Tony Abbott during question time on Wednesday.


Tony Abbott stakes leadership future on 2015 budget

With his spot at the top seeming safe for the moment, Tony Abbott will pin his hopes of long-term survival on keeping households happy.


Criminalising those who fight against IS

The government is threatening to jail Australians who join the fight against Islamic State.

Prospective country landowners Crystal Dunn and Rowan Dinning.


Cheap land beyond city limits locked up by zoning

First-time property buyers look for affordable land beyond city limits, but find flood risk and prohibitive zoning regulations.

Mourners surround the coffin of Russian opposition figure Boris Nemtsov in Moscow this week.


Foreigners fall guys as Joko stands firm

Netanyahu’s speech to US congress; Nemtsov's death blow to hopes of change in Russia.

Australia's No.1 news podcast.



Lisa Pryor
The case for supervised injecting


Paul Bongiorno
Joe Hockey, the wily old fortune-seller

“Why on earth would anyone think they have any idea what our economy will look like in 40 or 100 years? The only credible prediction is there will be an economy.”


Richard Ackland
Gadfly: Detention deficit disorder

Letters, Cartoon & Editorial


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Killing reason


Politicians need to respond to suffering

The president of the Human Rights Commission is a statutory officer of a commission required to advance and protect human rights (David Marr, “Abbott running from the law”, …

What of commissioner Wilson?

I note that in the acknowledgments in appendix 9 of the Forgotten Children report, all contributors to the report are listed. The list includes the two Human Rights Commissioners, one of whom is Tim …

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Image for article: Salt-baked lamb


Salt-baked lamb

Crack open a superb lamb roast.


Image for article: A Short History of Richard Kline

Amanda Lohrey
A Short History of Richard Kline

Image for article: The Buried Giant

Kazuo Ishiguro
The Buried Giant

Image for article: Down to the River

S. J. Finn
Down to the River


Image for article: Northern lights of nordic cool


Northern lights of nordic cool

Far from functionalist, Scandinavian design displays its sensual lines in NGV’s Nordic Cool exhibition.

Image for article: The poison IV of chemotherapy


The poison IV of chemotherapy

Jo Lennan tries to look on the bright side of chemotherapy – a disabled parking permit and guilt-free TV series binges.

Image for article: Back in the saddle: Kimberley Wells, 29, cyclist


Back in the saddle: Kimberley Wells, 29, cyclist

Champion cyclist Kimberley Wells on practising medicine, beating pneumonia and Lance Armstrong's fall from grace.

The Quiz

1. What is the first name of the French painter and printmaker Pissarro?
2. Where in the human body is the sartorius muscle?
3. What does the acronym OECD stand for?
4. Panthera leo is the Latin name for which animal?
5. The dish gado gado is native to which country?
6. What is the name of the current Pope? (Bonus points for naming his three most recent predecessors.)
7. Is Balmoral Castle closer to: (a) Edinburgh; (b) Glasgow; or (c) Aberdeen?
8. Which German philosopher is most associated with the doctrine of nihilism?
9. Name Australia’s health minister.
10. Which newspaper is known for the slogan: “All the news that’s fit to print”?

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“At the end of the day, point blank, we made a decision on price.”

– Peta SimpsonThe vice-president of the Queensland Liberal National Party’s women’s group explains her decision to host an international women’s day function at a men-only club. Point blank, price is the same reason women make up less than 5 per cent of CEOs in the ASX 200 and earn 18 per cent less than men.


“No one could possibly take that segment as reporting on El Salvador.”

– Bill O’ReillyThe Fox News anchor explains that when he said he “saw nuns get shot in the back of the head” in El Salvador, he was using this as a metaphor for evil. He had much less seen the murders than he had seen Barack Obama’s birth certificate.


“If you look at the left-hand side of it there’s a mantle in the Oval Office and I put a shadow coming into the painting.”

– Nelson ShanksThe artist explains that he painted the shadow of a blue dress into his official portrait of Bill Clinton. The portrait is not on show at the National Portrait Gallery in Washington – presumably out for dry-cleaning.


“Very unusual call this one – we had a dinosaur on fire.”

– Russell ThompsonThe Queensland Fire and Emergency Services superintendent confirms Clive Palmer’s replica Tyrannosaurus rex, named Jeff, was consumed by flames. It was either an electrical fault or meteor – science is divided.


“It’s not every day you get to perform in front of that sort of audience – 200 million. Beats the local RSL.”

– Guy SebastianThe man once robbed at knifepoint while holding a meatball sub is philosophical about his chances as Australia’s representative at Eurovision. Know this, Sebastian: the next time you are robbed, your sandwich will be filled with the hopes and dreams of a nation.


“Today I inadvertently used the term suicide in regard to @TonyAbbottMHR when I meant political suicide. I apologise for any offence caused.”

– Clive PalmerThe grieving dinosaur enthusiast uses Twitter to apologise for telling the prime minister to kill himself. These sorts of slips were quite common after the Cretaceous–Paleogene extinction.