March 21 - 27, 2015

News Corp CEO Rupert Murdoch.


Rupert Murdoch’s fresh media war with Malcolm Turnbull

The leaking of media reforms has enraged News Corp and left the impression Turnbull is trying to wedge Abbott.



Inside men’s rights groups

“Last year, Elam nominated October as a 'Bash a Violent Bitch Month', suggesting men who are abused by women should ... literally grab them by the hair and smack their face against the wall.”

The world of men’s rights activism is an echo chamber of private resentments, violent misogyny and permanent victimhood.

Minister for Education Christopher Pyne during question time this week.


Christopher ’The Fixer’ Pyne’s bid to deregulate uni fees

He calls himself a ‘fixer’ but Christopher Pyne’s achievements heading the Coalition’s education portfolio have done nothing to support this school of thought.


The problem with 10/50 land clearing codes

“A blanket approach tends to not have the capacity to look at some of the environmental nuances that are fundamental to, often, the survival of certain species .”

Land clearing rules are aimed at bushfire prevention, but now their misuse is leaving preservationists feeling burnt.

The former chief justice of Nauru, Geoffrey Eames.


Geoffrey Eames, former Nauru chief justice

Nauru’s rule of law is in a parlous state, says its former chief justice Geoffrey Eames.

A father and son amid the ruins of their home in Vanuatu’s capital, Port Vila.


Vanuatu’s Cyclone Pam disaster exposes aid cuts

Illegals undermine seasonal labour; Asia-Pacific policy adrift; Israel election.

Australia's No.1 news podcast.



Tony Windsor
NSW election will go down to the poles and wires

“This election will not be decided on whether people are attracted to the genial Baird or the cleanskin Foley. It will come down to two issues: electricity asset sales and coal seam gas. ”


Paul Bongiorno
Christopher Pyne’s Holy Grail of education reform

“For a government desperate to re-establish its credibility, Pyne’s performance is a major setback … His education changes are a template for what not to do. ”


Richard Ackland
Gadfly: The ugly Truth

Letters, Cartoon & Editorial


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Unwarranted imposition


Nothing more than feelings

I can’t believe how thin-skinned Joe Hockey has become (Richard Ackland, “Treasurer for wail”, March 14-20). After Sarah Ferguson grilled him on budget night last year he told …

Remember the disadvantaged

Paul Bongiorno’s excellent analysis (“Abbott running short of spares”, March 14-20) references the much advertised Intergenerational Report (IGR), which the government hopes will spell …

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Image for article: Sophia: Princess, Suffragette,  Revolutionary

Anita Anand
Sophia: Princess, Suffragette, Revolutionary

Image for article: Dear Life: On Caring  for the Elderly

Karen Hitchcock
Dear Life: On Caring for the Elderly

Image for article: Inside Australia’s Anti-Terrorism Laws and Trials

Andrew Lynch, Nicola McGarrity & George Williams
Inside Australia’s Anti-Terrorism Laws and Trials


Image for article: War of the weeds


War of the weeds

To keep the peace in any garden, you must be unafraid to let slip the dogs – and shovels – of war.

Image for article: Choosing Wisely to address doctor’s overorders


Choosing Wisely to address doctor’s overorders

Doctors are volunteering a list of overprescribed tests and treatments, at a cost to our healthcare system and potentially our health.

Image for article: The finisher: James Faulkner, 24, cricketer


The finisher: James Faulkner, 24, cricketer

Cricket allrounder James Faulkner on closing out the big games.

The Quiz

1. Renzo Piano is famous in which field?
2. Former NRL star Jarryd Hayne has signed a contract with which iconic NFL team in the United States? (Bonus points for naming which NRL club he played for and the year he debuted.)
Reporters Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein broke the story that led to the Watergate scandal in which newspaper?
4. What is the largest county in Ireland?
5. Which Academy Award-winning actress recently adopted baby Edith?
6. The greeting “kia ora” comes from which language?
7. In what year did John Howard become prime minister of Australia?
8. Which team defeated the English cricket team to put them out of ICC World Cup contention?
9. In 2011, what became the world’s newest country?
10. Leonard Nimoy was best known as which Star Trek character?

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“In the days when I was a journalist there were no metadata protections for journalists.”

– Tony AbbottThe prime minister uses his knowledge of the 1980s to explain the present. Presumably, having never paid for university, he can’t understand the concern over $100,000 degrees.


“Horsewoman of the apocalypse.”

– Philip HigginsonThe federal Liberal party treasurer describes Peta Credlin, shedding future doubt on the Bible’s claim that the messengers of the revelation will be angels.


“I and Labor believe it’s time, it’s time to breathe new life into the dream of an Australian republic.”

– Bill ShortenThe opposition leader restarts the republican debate by snatching a slogan from the corpse of a campaign that died 42 years ago.


“Certain kinds of wallabies make great pets. The quoll may replace domestic cats. The bilby is often nominated as a great candidate for domestication.”

– David LeyonhjelmThe Liberal Democrat makes the case that private ownership is the best way to prevent extinction because it gives the animal “value”. Same goes for keeping the poor as slaves.


“It would be boring without gossip.”

– Vladimir PutinThe Russian president jests after his 10-day disappearance. Without gossip, all you would have for fun is horse riding and tiger hunting and the murdering of opposition leaders.


“It was a brown onion. He checked it out, remarked that it was similar to the one the other day and then took a few bites and said it was tasty.”

– Lechelle EarlThe chief executive of powerful lobby group Onions Australia details a meeting in Tony Abbott’s office, where for the second time in a week he ate a raw onion. His prime ministership feels more like a schoolyard dare with each day.