March 28 - April 3, 2015

Former immigration minister Scott Morrison.


Nauru abuse goes further than the Moss review

“The story changed for Morrison’s benefit. The heat of a serious crisis was replaced by a blazing straw man. But the Moss review could find no evidence of misconduct by Save the Children. ”

Sex with under-age detainees and pressure to cover up abuse show Nauru’s dysfunction goes well beyond the Moss review.



Pressure builds on same-sex marriage for Libs and ALP

“To bind or not to bind, that is the question that the Coalition and Labor are considering.”

Same-sex marriage got as close as it has been to breakthrough in the Coalition party room this week, but was spooked by the budget.

Fifty per cent of the Great Barrier Reef’s coral has disappeared since 1975.


Govt acts to reassure World Heritage committee on Reef

New government measures to preserve the Great Barrier Reef are more about protecting the ‘brand’ than admitting any environmental mismanagement.


Increased longevity means more centenarians

“Would she like to live to 150? 'Why not? I feel well and nothing hurts. I enjoy seeing my family, watching TV and reading.'”

Why are more Australians living to 100 and beyond, and will we inevitably end up working longer?


Home truths on domestic violence

Highly skilled and underpaid workers on the front line of family violence have never felt more stretched or undervalued.

Lee Kuan Yew lies in state for public viewing at Singapore’s Parliament House.


Glowing tributes for Malcolm Fraser and Lee Kuan Yew

Lee Kuan Yew played to win; Netanyahu shores up foreign allies; ASIS to train Japanese spies.



James Brown
Unravelling the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement

“This is about more than just eliminating obstacles at the border – it is about more fully integrating 12 national economies and the policies that regulate them.”


Paul Bongiorno
Liberals clutch at straw polls in the wind

“There is still a nagging suspicion that Abbott has not completely killed off the option of a double dissolution election if his budget repositioning works. ”


Richard Ackland
Gadfly: Campaigns and carnage

Letters, Cartoon & Editorial


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Criminal oversight


All voices needed in violence debate

Martin McKenzie-Murray’s recent article “Inside men’s rights groups” (March 21-27) raises some important questions around constructions of violence, masculinity …

Other ways to rein in medical costs

How refreshing to read Ray Moynihan (“Doctor’s overorders”, March 21-27) on medical waste because of unnecessary, often useless and occasionally harmful, tests and treatments. …

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Image for article: Carrot, yoghurt and honey salad


Carrot, yoghurt and honey salad

Take the flavour of heirloom carrots, and reference them back to an heirloom recipe.


Image for article: Bearing Witness

Peter Rees
Bearing Witness

Image for article: The Four Books

Yan Lianke
The Four Books

Image for article: These Are the Names

Tommy Wieringa
These Are the Names


Image for article: Myanmar's new tourist wave


Myanmar’s new tourist wave

Myanmar is finding its feet as a tourist destination, and the best way to take advantage is to leave the ground.

Image for article: Sex, drugs and clinical trials


Sex, drugs and clinical trials

A preference for male lab rats in clinical trials skews new drugs towards effectiveness in men.

Image for article: The professor: Cameron McEvoy, 20, swimmer


The professor: Cameron McEvoy, 20, swimmer

Is this Australia's brainiest sportsman?

The Quiz

1. Renzo Piano is famous in which field?
2. Former NRL star Jarryd Hayne has signed a contract with which iconic NFL team in the United States? (Bonus points for naming which NRL club he played for and the year he debuted.)
Reporters Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein broke the story that led to the Watergate scandal in which newspaper?
4. What is the largest county in Ireland?
5. Which Academy Award-winning actress recently adopted baby Edith?
6. The greeting “kia ora” comes from which language?
7. In what year did John Howard become prime minister of Australia?
8. Which team defeated the English cricket team to put them out of ICC World Cup contention?
9. In 2011, what became the world’s newest country?
10. Leonard Nimoy was best known as which Star Trek character?

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“He took my personal car park.”

– Jasvinder SinghThe Sikh priest complains about ex-footballer Ben Cousins’ erratic behaviour at a temple in Perth.


“He was inviting people to roll their eyes, grimace, groan. So Julie responded in exactly the way he wanted her to.”

– Malcolm TurnbullThe communications minister explains why Joe Hockey really wanted Julie Bishop to roll her eyes and hold her forehead in shame during his clumsy eulogy to Malcolm Fraser.


“I’m happy to put that challenge out there, let’s cap our production right here and start acting like grown-ups.”

– Andrew “Twiggy” ForrestThe Fortescue Metals boss encourages miners Rio Tinto, BHP Billiton and Vale to cap iron ore production. The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission was unable to distinguish between being “grown up” and a “cartel”.


“WhatsApp or Wickr or Threema or Signal or Telegram – there’s a gazillion of them.”

– Malcolm TurnbullThe communications minister encourages journalists to use various messaging services that circumvent the metadata retention legislation he is advocating in parliament. Peter Dutton’s advice on beating border security was not forthcoming.


“You can hear he is trying to smash the door down.”

– Military investigatorAn investigator working on the Germanwings crash that killed 150 people in the French Alps explains that one of the pilots was apparently locked out of the cockpit before the crash.


“I’ve just heard the news … I regret this break-up and I hope the remainder of the band sticks together.”

– Luke FoleyThe NSW opposition leader responds to news Zayn Malik has left One Direction. The likely impact on this weekend’s state election was unknown at time of print.